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02 years agoDeadlyAnimeDeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
02 years agoKakarotoKakaroto
Fenrir (2 years ago) #2380599Hey, this is just a friendly heads up from one NECA collector to another. Most of your new additions to the site are going to be removed thanks to the rule of this site that non Japanese figures aren't allowed. I've tried it before too, and it doesn't seem like that will change any time soon. T_T...
Hi friend, I am Brazilian and it's really a pity not accept American figures , I do not know .. it 's a shame because the site would be so much more complete to add our dear neca collections
02 years agoDareToSpeakDareToSpeak
Babies Babies Babies Babies
03 years ago (3 years ago)UltimateCrow1491UltimateCrow1491
[ext link ]

I have my own Gundam.
03 years agoCrysisJDCrysisJD
I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)

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