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Hey all, I'm FinalCataclsym, pleased to meet you. I've been collecting anime for 13 years and figures for the last 5. I watch/collect all sorts of anime, but my favorites tend to be mahou shoujo, technology that is well known/widespread in universe and D+D style adventures. For figures, I have mostly Nanoha, Madoka Magica, Infinite Stratos, A Channel, Girls und Panzer and K-On! I also have a few from Vividred Operation, Panty & Stocking, Valkyrie Profile and Kill la Kill.

Random thing of note though, I pretty much never stream anime, so while I know of a great many series airing in Japan, I typically only watch them when I get a stateside release.

If any of this is your jam, send me a friend request.

(Latest Anime Database Update November 11th)
Nanoha, Infinite Stratos, Girls und Panzer, Vividred Operation, Busou Shinki, Gokudo, School Rumble, Baccano, My HiME, Bodacious Space Pirates and here is the full list docs.google.com
Haruhi, Spice and Wolf, Eragon series, fantasy in general
Shantae, Skies of Arcadia Legends, (J)RPGs, Any 2D Fighter
MOE Point(s)
Super Modes, Magic Girls, Weapons, Armor and Wings
Whatever OPs and EDs I enjoy from anime
Galaxy S6


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FinalCataclsym (3 days ago) #28603307Happy Birthday! Does this mean you are now a wizard like me? Best wishes and all the booty to yah.

Thanks. Not so much a wizard, my buddy calls me the Sage of Lolis haha.
2 days ago
FinalCataclsym (2 months ago) #25536442It's doubly ironic since I only put that figure on my wishlist in case of a rerelease after I got the Spice and Wolf Collector's Tome.

Well we have the Tome in common... I mean it's something...
2 months ago
FinalCataclsym (2 months ago) #25516611Heyah Lan-doh! Just kidding! Or am I...? Anyways, checking out your collection an' stuff. Surprisingly we have 0 figures in common, but at least you have a Charlotte from Infinite Stratos, so I'll have to give yah a pass on that.

.... >_>

Funny story about that, I only bought the Charlotte on clearance to sell...

Turns out we only have ONE figure in common. I own ITEM #5468 that's on your wishlist. Awkward.
2 months ago
FinalCataclsym (3 months ago) #24674349Ohoho, I saw that you haven't born witness to the beauty of Aria yet. I actually am jealous of you again since the first time you'll be seeing it is in Blu Ray. I'm double dipping because it is literally up there with the Slice of Life Legends like A Channel and K-On! I would say it is THAT good. But by all means, don't let my hype excite your expectations, judge for yourself when yah see it.
Heh; looks like I need to stop posting everywhere. :D
3 months ago
FinalCataclsym (3 months ago) #23865973Happy Birthday. I recently finished Vivid Strike and happened to enjoy it. Did you watch Vivid or Vivid Strike? Did you enjoy them?
Thanks :)
Of course I've watched both when they aired.
Vivid seriously lacked decent staff/animation, good job A-1 :(

Strike was decent, but the show kinda suicided itself around the middle, when they ditched the goal of the tournament on purpose (Rinne lose against Vivio). Dunno if it'll have a second season, but why not.
Now waiting for Reflection Movie!
3 months ago
FinalCataclsym (7 months ago) #19303033Well, I just saw the news for the new A-Channel Blu Ray box and it comes with all the cool stuff I have +1 new thing! I saw your reply on ANN and share your sentiment. While I very well COULD buy EVERYTHING a 2nd time... I don't think I necessarily will... That would certainly change on the small off chance it had English subs. Nonetheless, more A-Channel is always good even it still remains inaccessible to us.
I may still get it if there is some over the top shop bonus, but it would have to be super amazing...

I'm happy there will be a new A-Channel "episode" (OVA?) at least. Like I said over there, if it were subbed in English I'd gladly purchase it. But no. They care not for us. *sob*
7 months ago
Stalking Loli hunter
FinalCataclsym (9 months ago) #17714321Technically not, MFC gives birthday notices prior to the day it seems. When I checked Stalking's page earlier, she was 23, but now she's 24.
WITH THAT BEING SAID, Happy Birthday Stalking! I've activated a Loli Location Switch so you will be inundated with cute twintails and stuff.
Find them, enjoy them, today is your day!

Yeah, I wasn't even 24 when she came by :P

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!
NOW it is my birthday! :P
9 months ago
FinalCataclsym (10 months ago) #17698765Welcome to the world of figure collecting. T-Man mentioned you liked Miku's Ribbon Girl module, you should add her to your wishlist of wanted figures. Here is her item page: ITEM #514087Thank you Final.
10 months ago
ChocolateSpider (11 months ago) #16601350Happy burfdayz! :DCybogirl (11 months ago) #16603811Happy birthday, hope you have a great day!GCNess (11 months ago) #16608269Happy birthday!ZoidsFanatic (11 months ago) #16608882Happy Birthday!FinalFan (11 months ago) #16625398Happy birthday! (late :|)GarouDensetsu55 (11 months ago) #16638153Happy late Birthday!
Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes! I've been lazy of late, maybe just getting old... But that hasn't changed figure buying! *Detonates wallet*
11 months ago
Happy late Birthday!
11 months ago
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