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03 months agobrooemaikbrooemaik
I buy or change your kamina
04 months agoclobscuraclobscura
Hello, did you get my pm? :)
Sorry to disturb you. Even if you don't remember where you got the kit, I appreciate a reply just telling me that.
09 months agoGwennanGwennan
C Днем Рожденияяяяя!
01 year agoKimm134SayaKimm134Saya
G-Rave (1 year ago) #2949540*blush* Good luck! Your collection is also quite impressive. ^^

Thanks! I just bought more. Now, I don't know how I'm going to pay off my credit card. :/
01 year agoG-RaveG-Rave
Kimm134Saya (1 year ago) #2949520You may be the one to beat when it comes to SMT items. :)
*blush* Good luck! Your collection is also quite impressive. ^^

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