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Hi there! I'm Ksenia from Moscow, Russia.
I love anime, tabletop and videogames, listen to electronic music and collect figures and dolls!

You can also find (and friend ^__~) me on the following parts of the net:
Deviantart - [ext link ]
Tumblr - [ext link ]
Instagram - [ext link ]
Flickr - [ext link ]
the following blogs are in Russian:
VK - [ext link ]
LJ - [ext link ]
Facebook - [ext link ]
Twitter - [ext link ]
Diary - [ext link ]
MAS - [ext link ]

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04 months agoG-RaveG-Rave
MNZ612 (4 months ago) #13403104Happy Birthday!
Gwennan (4 months ago) #13401935С праздником!!!!
LivingDaylight (4 months ago) #13396077С Днем Рождения)
04 months agoMNZ612MNZ612
Happy Birthday!
04 months agoGwennanGwennan
С праздником!!!!
04 months agoLivingDaylightLivingDaylight
С Днем Рождения)
010 months agobrooemaikbrooemaik
I buy or change your kamina

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