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Hey everyone!

My name is Gabby and I'm from the tiny island state of Tasmania, Australia!
Send me a FR if you like the same things or if you're from Australia!!

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012 days agoimmaggotimmaggot
Gabmag10 (22 days ago) #17193487Ooooooooh that sounds awesome! I really want to go to sydney again too.
also i have great news :D i booked my flights and accommodation for japan!!!! im going feb 6-20 and im going to wonfes as well :D im so excited!!!!
yuri on ice ended in the best way possible :')))) im VERY happy about it! im going to go to the animate cafe while im in japan too if i can get a booking :D im so excited!
birthday and christmas were great! i got the idolish7 first album collectors edition, mystic messenger collectors editions, a few figures, some art books, plushies etc. how about you?
no wig yet D: hopefully its not lost in the mail...we'll see :(((
yes i got both versions of the haikyuu boys! they were great prices so i had to get them! im just after kenma now and i have the rest preordered luckily :D

YIKES I'M LATE maybe go to sydney for a weekend or so? it's really expensive though (i think it's the most expensive city in australia OTL)
YAYYY have fun at wonfes!! take many sneaky pics JK JK tell me all about it when you go!! i'm in indonesia atm to visit family LOL the internet isn't that great though so rip when i try to play games online........
YES THE COUPLE SKATE AT THE END MANN NAJKAANAKAKSFASDASD OOOHH YAY take photos of the cafe please!! i really wanna see it
OHHH VERY NICE you got a whole heap of things! uhh we don't do a lot during christmas but my sister bought me kingsglaive and a gift card for LOL and i got FFXV and the P5 preorder yayyy
has the wig for your bjd arrived yet? D:
NICE i haven't bought any figures in a while aaaaaaaaaa i don't really have much space for anything new anyway so OTL
013 days agoxHoneythiefxHoneythief
Oh shoot! I was in Sydney for a bit and skipping over "others" notifications, probably missed it then, sorry DX

Things have been surprisingly busy for me recently. I took photos at some events for my grandparents, hosted a couple of games nights, and took unexpected trips to Melbourne and Sydney to visit relatives. That orchestra I was working with through my course did their performance, and I should have the video of it in a few days! Afterwards, the sound guys, orchestra leader and I were pulled up to do a quick audience Q&A and I was just sitting there like "I have no idea what I'm doing. I am completely winging it here. HOW DO I PROFESSIONAL?" lmao

I also took my little sis to Supanova. It was her first con and to her everything was so BIG and AMAZING and "omg is that a Mettaton cosplayer over there!?" She was so excited over everything. She also brought a friend along, and oddly enough, her name was Gabby :P
A couple friends and I are Yuri on Ice and Mystic Messenger trash just like everyone else :P We tried going ice skating. Spoiler alert: we sucked. But it was still fun.

So much to catch up on in general! What else has been happening with you recently? ^__^ I'd love to see the photos from your holiday!
026 days agoGingerPandaGingerPanda Smol Panda~
Your inbox is full, so I'll ask here. Would you like to take my amiami preorder for Kirito nendoroid? I saw your comment though. I know you're looking in Australia but maybe you're good with preorder too, so I just wanted to ask.
Have a nice day and sorry for troubling you
01 month agoimmaggotimmaggot
Gabmag10 (1 month ago) #16663377my family for some reason is really interested in going to one but it'll be sooo embarrassing D: did you see the newest episode of yuri on ice?????? ahhhhh it was so good, i loved it :'( :'( :'(
trial 2 was so sad....i miss dangan ronpa 2, im gonna replay it soon. who is your fave character???
yes i had a great birthday!!!!! i didnt get up to that much but it was fun nonetheless.
ooooooooh yes a racing miku! she'd love that. i LOVE the new raicng miku figure that got announced, shes sooo preeetty.
heres some pics of my new bjd :DD his wig isnt here yet but hes still really cute :DDD also ive been buying so much my wallet xD finally got kageyama and hinata nendos, and now i have the two jersey versions coming and nishinoya too :D [ext link ]

OMG well at least you'll eventually go to one one day if everyone's interested HAHA i think sydney's gonna have a maid cafe open soon??? have you heard of uncle tetsu's? it's like some japanese cheesecake shop and they're gonna open a maid cafe themed one soon in the city omg akjsdhjkasgasd
UMMM do you mean ep 10? IT WAS SO ASDJKHASKJAD LIKE SERIOUSLY JUST MAKE IT OFFICIAL YOU TWO... JEEZ... i haven't watched ep 11 yet but i'm gonna watch it tonight!!
i really loved gundham and sonia!! but i also liked chiaki, kuzuryuu and hinata :D also i had like weird vibes from komaeda... like... did he like hinata... ??? on another note dangan island was really fun it's just like the dating sim ver LOL
that's good to hear!! what did you get for your birthday?
is it racing miku 2016? she's super cute aksdjhakjs
IT'S BEEN A WEEK SINCE YOUR LAST REPLY SO MAYBE YOU HAVE THE WIG NOW if you do can you send pics ;w; i wanna see your bjd 100% complete weew
OHH so do you have both versions of kageyama and hinata?? dang my kageyama is still lonely... rip in peace my boy...
01 month agoimmaggotimmaggot
Gabmag10 (2 months ago) #16163826i hope your exams went well :D
it looks like i might be going on a cruise in japan next june so i'll definitely get to go to another maid cafe...if i can enter it without being too embarrassed...
i got the tablet ^_^ its lots of fun but ive never used anything like it so im not great...
i know only 10 eps :'( but you're probably right, less filler is probably a good thing. im really enjoying it though! yessss i love his faceplates so much omg.
you dont have to worry about birthday presents or anything ^_^ i probably wont be up to much on my bday, i have the day off but the kids will be at school so there wont be much to doooo.
i love yoosungs and zens routes!!! i liked jumins too but he was less my taste. i reaaaallly hope they ass in more routes, they were talking about V and Unknown routes which would be so awesome. ALSO yes i FINALLY bought a bjd! its still on its way but ill send photos once he gets here :DDD
i'll hopefully be able to take her ice skating for her bday :D for christmas i got her item #78582 since she wants to collect lots of mikus :D

YAYY HAVE FUN IN JAPAN!! i think i'm going at the end of next year??? but i don't think i'll be going to a maid cafe because my family would think i'm weird hahaah
it's okay you'll improve with time! you can draw digitally now :D
SAME i think i'm behind my two eps though.. ;A; i need to catch up LOL i've been playing dangan ronpa 2 instead and omg... trial 2 was so sad.. ;___; i almost cried ajksdhkjasd
oh YEA my friend said she really liked zen's route too since he's really romantic or something like that haha
OH YES PLEASE SHOW ME YOUR BJD i've never really seen one so i'm interested in how you'll make yours
niceee the miku has really nice hair omg you could also give her one of the old racing mikus since i think they're pretty cheap now ?__? I'M NOT TOO SURE i really liked the 2011 design though

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