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I like anime a lot, okay guys?
Oh, and sleeping.

some of my favorite anime
View spoilerHide spoiler bishoujo senshi sailor moon nana clannad: after story shingeki no kyojin
kill la kill free! eternal summer psycho-pass haikyuu!! durarara!!
gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun kuroko no basuke ping pong the animation hajime no ippo

some of my favorite ships
View spoilerHide spoiler★ free: soumako, rinrei, souharu, soumakoharu
★ haikyuu!!: daisuga, asanoya, hinaken, oiiwa, kurotsukki, bokuaka
★ kuroko no basuke: kikasa, aokaga, midotaka, murahimu, kikuro, kiyohyuu
★ shingeki no kyojin: erenarmin, eruri, jeaneren, jeanmarco, erenjeanmarco, yumikuri
★ miscellaneous: saitama/genos (one punch man), kuranosuke/tsukimi (kuragehime), fushimi/yata (k-project)
munakata/suoh (k-project), toumaki (yowapeda), midosuji/onoda (yowapeda), abemiha (oofuri), george/yukari (parakiss)

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06 months agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Hey, happy birthday!
07 months agoErenJagerErenJager dad76
Hello~ I have messaged you about the invoice on the Rin omanjuu~ It's been a few days so I was wondering if you were still interested. Thank you!!! :)
011 months ago (9 months ago)MiauMiau
01 year agocryingtrashcryingtrash
Haha, thanks! And really? all my stuff has been collected over about a year, I'd like to buy more but I'm not in the best financial place to be spending a lot of money on figures, one day though! :D omg the knb one coin figures are so freaking cute!!! I really want all the sets lol!! I actually own a lot of books and so I usually display my figures on shelves by book genres I think they fit in? That sounds really weird, but I like it!
01 year agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Galaxia (1 year ago) #9207934Hi! So before I get started, I need to know if that milk and eggs bitch has been there this whole time because I love that scene from Scott Pilgrim. And now I wanna reread the comics. Okay. Moving on.
For Haikyuu season 3 I definitely think it's just going to be the match between Karasuno and shiratorizawa. Actually, on MAL the season is even named after the match so I'm assuming it'll be one cour, 10-13 episodes. But I'm open for more. I'm kinda really wanting them to do some specials because that would be very cute. They've spent so much time making me fall in love with all these characters that they can get away with plotless fluff I'd say. They've earned it really. Ahh, but I understand. It's not that I wanted View spoilerHide spoilerAoba Jousai to win, I just wanted Oikawa to be happy. But I've seen scenes of him from the manga at other games with puffy cheeks and glasses and that's going to be cute as hell and I can't wait. Speaking of that school, do you happen to know why it's called Aoba Jousai and Seijou? I don't get it~
What airing anime are you watching this season? I'm watching... a lot. Most of it isn't very good, to be honest, but I like to experience lots of things so I'm going to keep at them. lol My favorites this season are (not in order) Sailor Moon Crystal III, Assassination Classroom 2 (cheating becuase this is a leftover from winter but it's just so good) and Boku no Hero Academia. I haven't watched AoTPIR yet but I'm going to cave because it's like the second or third highest rated anime of the season behind the new Jojo and I'm watching sooo much mediocre stuff so I basically gotta, but I'm doing so begrudgingly just so you know! I hear that they have a Mikasa basically lol. And MAL wrote a comparison article.
Um games. God, I don't even remember any of the titles. DMMd and then like, all of the other ones. XD Ah but the voices. Like, it's always the one bottoming that soudnds the most ridiculous. The one topping is okay. Speaking of this kind of thing, have you ever listened to a BL CD? Ahahahaha. Most of the Free boys have done one so I had to give the a listen. ahahaha sin sin sin

I'm supposed to be getting to the second half of my paper, but what are deadlines..hahaha..haha (。•﹏•).
Yes yes! It's been there forever, though I know it's kinda hard to see. The vegan part was so funny and I am guilty of quoting way too much (and more than any other part too). I actually didn't read the novels, or even know they existed until way after the movie. You think they're still worth reading?
Ughhhhghgh no, give me some hope ;n;. I guess we'll just have to wait and see, but the odds are definitely stacked against me here. Weren't there a few specials? I feel like I read about one or two once, but I'm not entirely sure. I wish there was some pointless pandering fluff as well! They spend way too much time just playing vb (lol, what at thing to say). I want to see them at home, at school, hanging out, etc. I've never wished a story would deviate from the main point more than I have with HQ lol. Yes you love glasses Oikawa too *u*. I wonder if he's trying to disguise himself, cause that's a super weak one. I can't wait till they animate that either, but I'm wondering if he'll be in it much after that? I mean, there's only so many games he can watch. Sigh, and then he'll disappear forever. Oh! Coincidentally I was just talking about that with someone the other day, but neither of us knew either. I don't think it mentions it on the wiki either.
I'm so glad you asked cause I was just about to do the same! LOL @ most of it isn't good. I know where you're coming from. I've finished some very mediocre series for apparently no reason, and months later I can't imagine why I wasted my time. I guess it's good to get a better sense of what you like and what you definitely do not like and never want to watch again though. Did you ever watch the original Sailor Moon? I want to watch the new series but...I've got some super nostalgia goggles for the first. I rewatched some of it recently and it was just as wonderful/terrible as I remembered, and I really enjoyed it. Idk if I even want to get into the reboot. What do you think? That Hero Academia one seems like it was really anticipated. How is it? Yes watch it watch it! I'm actually a little behind and haven't watched the second ep yet, even though it was delayed by a week. Is your anime text group behind all these mediocre shows :p? There are quite a few comparisons that are very easy to see, with that Mikasa one being the most amusing. Watching the ED felt like they didn't even try to cover it up lol.
Do you play a lot of vg or just VNs? O-oh, really? God, could you imagine recording that? The closest I've ever gotten to listening to a BL CD was this one song by whoever voices Ren and Cecil in UtaPri. In the middle of it they just start breathing heavily and the first time I heard it I burst out laughing. Them going "aaahhhh" in unison was just the most random thing ever. It's a good song though so... They did those types of cds for Free? Or for other series?
If there's any mistakes here ignore them, I gotta get back to that paper! Weh!

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