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010 months agoMuntoeMuntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・人・...
I just realized that I deleted a ton of your photos of item #465008 saying that Twitter wasn't a valid source but I didn't notice it was a GK. I want to apologize since your photos were in the correct category (Official) :( You should provide a more accurate source though (directly link to the tweet where you found the pic). Thanks and sorry for the trouble, I've got a lot of stuff to go through and was getting a little trigger happy with the delete button lol.
01 year agoCoffeeCoffee
Gibari (1 year ago) #3347830Thanks for updating that picture item #288795.
No problem.
I'm happy to help out whenever I can.
04 years agoHangmanHangman
Gibari (4 years ago) #1209291I'm glad to hear that but when you run out of ika stuff to collect, will you start collecting figures from other series?

Even though I have a Kurisu,Madoka and Nero Nendo,an Uiharu figure and one of Tiger Taiga I don't plan to collect other merch than from Ika. Well except for some faceplates for the Ika Nendo to have fun with (puzzling different outfits together,trying out different faces and stuff like that)

If I run out of Ika merch to collect,I will start to make my own merch. Already started on knitting back then but it didn't end well... I will keep on remixing Ika songs and try to start drawing her properly.

There are endless possibilities once you think that you run out of stuff to do!
04 years agoHangmanHangman
Gibari (4 years ago) #1207808Watching you give up collecting, bugs the hell out of me.

Who said that? I'm a proxy hunter now ordering the stuff on japanese online shops from Diomedea (Reordering Blurays and C82 stuff,but that's unfortunatley still on hold till the 30th November due restocking) and Lantis (Stuff from the Shinryaku Carnival)

And then there is the whole other stuff on yahoo auctions like that pendulum clock and merch back from when the 1st season just aired...

Most of this stuff isn't even listed on MFC,so that's why no updates on here.
04 years agoHooydenHooyden
hi ^^

selling my yoko gift if youre interested ;)

bybye !

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