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Hi everyone,

as you can tell, I mostly collect Sailor Moon related items, but I also LOVE to pick stuff from other anime, videogames, etc. that I like, such as figures, toys and media.
I love to display everything in a (well, at least I hope so...) nice way, and keep everything organized.
I was introduced to this community by my lovely twin tamajani, and now I'm so addicted to it, eheheh.
Hope to meet others collectors like me and have fun.

Ja mata ne! ^__^✨


My FB collection blog -> [ext link ]

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05 months agoCirqueNingyoCirqueNingyo

I just want to leave this here in case you don't see my comment on Kanaria's page: [ext link ]

Griffon is back and going to finish her finally!!
06 months agosnow_himesnow_hime
Ciao, grazie per aver accettato la richiesta :) :)
06 months agomokky86mokky86
Ciao, hai una collezione davvero fantastica! Grazie per aver accettato l'amicizia ;)
06 months agobuttburglarrrbuttburglarrr
Gio82 (6 months ago) #16411383My pleasure! Thanks a lot for your friendship request. :)
You're very welcome :)
06 months agobuttburglarrrbuttburglarrr
Your collection is so beautiful! Thanks for accepting!

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