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I'm a collector of anime and figures. I enjoy many hobbies and travelling. I'm from Melbourne Australia. Feel free to pm :)
Anime, Horror, Fantasy, Action, Thriller
Wide Varierty. MJ always the King!


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Gokanma (1 month ago) #26616227No problem! I’m into Supercars as well as anime and figures :)
How do I accept your friend request? I'm on mobile...
1 month ago
Thanks for the comment!
Loved the comparison using cars :p
1 month ago
Gokanma (1 year ago) #14265051*Looks at your figures. Looks at mine*
We need to be friends :)

Then so be it~
Good choice for some of your ladies. Can easily agree to them.
1 year ago
CirqueNingyo (1 year ago) #14174650Added you, I hope. Only name that popped up lol.
And yeah, I did misunderstand, thought you were offering that to ME, but yeah, of course. So far, none of the lovelies I've been eyeing are up for pre-order, still in prototype stage, though there's one that is mostly painted and should be up soon: View spoilerHide spoilerITEM #395096 Depending on the month, price, and official pics is if I'll bite, though. I only started selling figures lately, you seem to have taken a smarter approach to collecting. For myself, the girls I sold were never really loved as much as I thought they'd be.

The colours and shading on that link look fantastic. Is that an OS figure?
Now that I think about it I also have maybe 4-5 figures that are not as loved now as when I purchased them. Probably better that I sell them to a collector who will enjoy them more than I. I haven't even taken some out of their boxes.
You found me on line :) chat soon
1 year ago
Gokanma (1 year ago) #14165063I'm a huge anime fan and am super excited for the anime of this!!
Yes you are right...her bust is amazing! Many people call them balloon and unrealistic but they just look full to me and well shaped. No different from implants with overfill.
I think we have very similar taste in figures (and probably anime) so if you come across some nice figures you're interested in from WF let me know! I try and keep a close tab on figure news through nekomagic and otakuhq but sometimes good figures easily slip my radar.
I'm about to order these two Ikenai Bikini (blue bikini) and KOTOBUKIYA Granblue Fantasy Danua 1/8
(sorry I don't know how to insert links yet).
ps I use line if you wish to add me

Yay!! Anime fan, Great Taste in Figures, and you collect AP girls :D I think we'll get along lol.
I suppose to people used to tiny busts they would think hers looked "balloon"esque but like you said, they are just full *shrugs* To each their own, I love em! I appreciate your offer, I'm following my favorites with the "follow" actions here on MFC since people are quick to update. Congrats on the new orders, I actually had my eye on the Ikenai girl, but I'll wait until I see her stupid cheap somewhere.
I use line! Is your name the same as here?
1 year ago
Gokanma (1 year ago) #14158617Thanks CN.
I had an opportunity to preorder her but sat on the fence with her as I felt her shoulder armour was a bit much. However after unboxing my mammon and having another look at belial I forgave the lopsided huge armour and really starting enjoying the figure. Amazing curves, colours and detail.
Thanks for the links. I'll sit and wait for now. There are so many delicious figures still to come and destroy my wallet :)

No problem! I actually pondered if her armor was too much, too, but I came to appreciate it more and more...that and her bust is amazing. I'm not sure if you watch Anime, but they are making one of the Seven Deadly Sins so we get to see these curves in action ;)View spoilerHide spoiler www.youtube.com...

So, with this WF having passed, do you have any you're keeping an eye out for?
1 year ago
Gokanma (1 year ago) #14146183Hi!
I think I'm liking that belial figure more and more. Are you getting her? Trying to find some reputable sites to preorder her but having some difficulty. Can you point me in a few directions?
Thanks :)

Hey! How's it going? :)

Yup yup, I am, I ordered the LE through Orchid Seed directly. You're definitely, as you've mentioned, going to have some difficulty getting her at this point. Crazy how quickly she sold out from all the known, reputable figure companies lol. I don't think any other sin did that well! Sadly, because of that all the sites I'd recommend usually, I can't.

You have 3 options, though: You can still order her from: View spoilerHide spoilersolarisjapan.co... I loosely recommend them because as you can see they are clearly overcharging for her, and essentially you're paying the LE price for a Normal Edition. Your second choice is to join my Group Order for her. I started one up months ago for the LE from Orchid Seed directly. Only 3 per household so 2 people would join me, one paid already and the other states they will come this December. If they don't want her and you're still looking for her, I'll tell you right away. Another option is if you're only on the fence, to simply join the notification list from when Nippon-Yasan gets her back in: View spoilerHide spoilerwww.nippon-yasa...
1 year ago
Gokanma (1 year ago) #14072886You are a gem!
Thank you :)

No problem! ^_^
1 year ago
Gokanma (1 year ago) #14071833One day I would love to get the 60 Kamichichi from mammodoll2.x.fc... and
attach it to a dollfie :) :)
Have not come across one for sale yet. Did see the 50 Gokuchichi on SMJ once and nearly bought it.

I've seen those pop up quite often, actually! I believe the last time I saw them was...maybe a month ago? Maybe less...They are refreshing as many other Silicon bust makers, like Rajikaru have been around for a long time without much competition. The next time I see them I'll drop you a message here!
1 year ago
Gokanma (1 year ago) #14005632I absolutely love her! Even though I've always wanted one from like 2 years ago it seems,I only just managed to locate a new one to buy from about 5 months ago. Have you bought any clothes for her yet? Tricky due to her unique shape :)
Ps are you on dollfie dreams forums? They have a big AP thread.

Thanks a bunch! I had DDdy+07 Head girl but ended up selling her, she was a project doll, was going to make a custom silicon bust for her but needed cash at the time. I do have another custom DDdy girl, my Elf Queen. I really hope you find one, always check the DD Forum for them or on Yahoo! Japan because you'll find a stellar deal. My only recent AP girl is Honoka, I pre-ordered her in 2015 but the other 3 are OLD lol! My Riana has a C-3 bust, the C-4 is super hard to find clothes for! Stretchy DDdy Tops would be ideal if yours still has her C-4 (NSFW): View spoilerHide spoilerwww.flickr.com/...
1 year ago
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