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Two Years on MFC! 3/10/2014

My anime-planet: (ext link)

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Art done for me by Heaffy <3

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06 days agoNaelythNaelyth
Gothlequin (7 days ago) #2085502Ah! For some reason i never saw your blog post but i just went and read it now *u* So jealous so many beautiful booksss. I love to collect art books as well i don't have a ton yet but I'd love to. I love the Mayoi one as well as the Hikaru no Go and Takeshi Obata one ugghhh so nice!! Gahhhhh I love that manga and show so much <3<3 Yeah really no one ever talks about it or is fans of it TuT Nice to meet you. My favorite anime character of all time is Ogata from Hikaru no Go XD. It's such a shame the show really has no merch but lately i've been trying to track down some of the rarer weird stuff from proxies. XD I just bought a 30th anniversary art print thing the other day. I love the file folder you got as well!!!! Gah i need to buy that book It's just so many things to buy too little money. XD

Oops! Sorry, I assumed you had come from my blog post. xD Thank you for going to read it!! I tend to focus on figures most of the time, but sometimes I just feel a need for beautiful art and then I splurge hahaha. :D Hikaru no Go is one of my favorite series!! I actually finished rewatching the entire series + special again two days ago. It's sooo goood~

Nooo way though, I love Ogata! :D He's one of my favorites too, I can't believe we have that in common. :P It's sad, he's barely in the artbooks. :(( I love his character design and wish he had more official colored art.

Oooh good find! I am considering looking for old Hikago merchandise too but some of it is pretty weird. xD I'm thinking of picking up that small Sai figure but idkkkk. You're right, too many things out there to buy!
07 days agoNaelythNaelyth
Gothlequin (7 days ago) #2085016Ahhh thank you for uploading all the stuff from the Takeshi Obata art book *u* I wanted it for the Hikaru no Go works but wasn't sure how much would be inside it. It looks great!~

Oh, no problem! ^^ I loooove Hikaru no Go, you're the first person on the internet to mention it to me--yay for shared interests! A very large chunk of the book is dedicated to Hikaru no Go, so you won't be disappointed if you got it. It's not as much as the actual Hikaru artbook, but I guess that's to be expected. I'd say the artbook is about 1/3 Death Note, 1/4 Hikaru no Go, and the rest is miscellaneous work from series I don't recognize. It also has gorgeous fold out pages in the Hikaru section that I don't think are in the Hikaru artbook. c:

Thank you for a profile message too! I don't often get comments on my profile so it made me excited! xD
01 month agoKaito570Kaito570
Gothlequin (1 month ago) #2033073Thanks so much my sister doodled it for me! Ahhhh i love your collection <3 You have so many figures on my wishlist <3
Oh really it's always good to have talent and really I do I just hope that I can get most of them
01 month agoKaito570Kaito570
very nice avatar so creative
03 months agoKillaxKillax
Gothle!! Hope you had some nice Holidays!

Was wondering when your gonna add some awesome reviews again. Wish you the best for 2014!


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