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Hi! Welcome to my page!

Want to ask some opinion about T-shirts I own? Feel free to ask.

Or feel free to drop any comments or messages if you like. I really have nothing to say about my page anyways.

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01 year agoshinraikomarushinraikomaru
can you please buy this Tae T-shirt (ext link) ?
i know its hard to find but please get one for me...

thank you
02 years agotakarayamatakarayama Enjoyer of Life.™
Grishend (2 years ago) #1107010Hi! How are you doing? Decided on any full graphics T-shirt yet? Or any new arrivals? :)Hey, hey. I actually got my full graphics T-shirt about a month ago! By chance, I stumbled upon item #75213 and item #96640 in my size at a local-ish con. Surprisingly enough, both were a lot cheaper there than if I had ordered them from Japan so that was a nice surprise. ^^

The Rin & Len T-shirt is a little smaller than most of my other T-shirts even if they are all supposed to be M-sized. I can still wear it but it feels a bit too tight. If I were to buy it again, I would surely get it in Large.

Most of my T-shirts are perfect, size-wise, but a few are a little tight. It feels like different colours of T-shirts run small but I haven't looked into it enough to say which is perfect and which is too small.

As for other T-shirts, I just yesterday paid for these three:
item #114306
item #114304
item #72815

I'm most excited for the Hyouka tees. The Hanasaku Iroha one will still be nice to have since I originally wanted it when it was released but missed the pre-order window so I was happy to see it being re-released. ^_^

Aside from those, I've got like eight more T-shirts on pre-order. Next, err... this month (I'm not used yet to it already being September) will see most of those coming out. I am, of course, most excited for the five Smile Precure T-shirts. It's cool but a little scary how they put that gianormous print on the back of those. ^^:

So I just checked your blog and did you go to France? :O How was your trip? (Sorry for asking but I haven't read your blog posts yet. ^^:)

Are you hunting for any particular T-shirt or are you looking forward to any new ones coming out?
02 years agoVambee-LacuerVambee-Lacuer
Hey there! Ah its no problem, its easy to forget to reply sometimes haha, and I've experienced some failed posts myself :P

Yeah its definitely fun to see the world, you'd miss out on a lot if you stayed in your hometown all your life! I definitely want to see more new places sometime in the future.

I've been waiting for that! I read through all of the shirt reviews the other day, good job on them! I like how you show the in detail of the print, especially when its distorted too, its interesting to see. One thing you said that I can agree on are the stars that look like dandruff on the Erio shirt. I have two Kanon shirts with snowflakes on them that give me the same reaction! XD
02 years agotakarayamatakarayama Enjoyer of Life.™
Grishend (2 years ago) #1031158Very sorry. Thought I have replied you but apparently I forgot /or I replied but something crashed/. I'm pretty fine as well, fortunately even my wallet too, as COSPA didn't release too much good ones lately.No worries about the replying. Just reply at your pace, or when the site allows you to. ^^ I'm glad to hear that your wallet is safe. For now. ^.~

Grishend (2 years ago) #1031158Haha well I can sell one for you though, but until now there aren't one that I grew tired with that I wanted to sell it so badly. So I have to apologise for now. Actually now that I have a site, I dedicated one section for anime T-shirts ((ext link)). Feel free to stalk or comment :)Ahah. I'm sorry for saying confusing things. I didn't really ask to buy one of your shirts. ^^: I meant to ask what you would say if you had been a salesperson in a store that was selling those full colour, full print T-shirts. ^^

That's a very nice looking site you've got there. :o I will check it out for sure.

As for recent T-shirt purchases, I've got four on pre-order now. Two from Medaka Box and two from Hyouka. One of which will be my first white T-shirt. [item #114304] I just had to get it, despite it being white. Those curious angels are just too cute. >.<;;; I guess I've got a fancy for T-shirts with cute or funny prints on the back. Haha.

I'm a fan of the Hyouka anime and Chitanda Eru (or Chitandael as the other characters jokingly called her in one episode) is my favourite character. It's her eyes that can be seen in the other, black Hyouka T-shirt I pre-ordered (item #114306).

For the Medaka Box T-shirts, I just had to order the red one because I realised that I haven't got any red T-shirt in my collection. :o I threw in the blue one as well but I might cancel that one. Maybe. I've got a few more days until Hobby Search locks the order for me so there's still time to think about it.

I'm glad the site allowed you to reply this time. It's always nice to hear from you.

Take care and talk to you when we talk next time! ^^
02 years agotakarayamatakarayama Enjoyer of Life.™
Grishend (2 years ago) #928053Hi! How are you? Hopefully you are doing well :)

I can't believe myself but I purchased the 6000 and 8000 yen T-shirts... well they're pricey but actually it worth every cent.
ZOMG! I'm so sorry for missing your comment. >.<; I usually never have any reason to scroll so far down on my page that I see the comments. >.<;;;

I'm doing well here. Maybe ordering a few too many things but it's nothing I can't afford so it should be okay. I hope. Haha. ^^:

I haven't been getting many T-shirts lately. The last I got was item #78459 last month. They still had my size in stock at HLJ so I threw it in when I ordered some other items that were on sale. I didn't have any T-shirt with that colour before so it's nice. I think the fabric is pretty good and the print is also good.

How are you doing yourself? You went and bought those expensive T-shirts, huh? You say they are worth the money but what about them makes it so? If you were to sell one to me, what would you say? ^^

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