GustavKlimtGustavKlimt cruise control on.


***please dont contact me about selling items, I will make a post/thread/sale page if i am going to do so. THNX

Incredibly droll and incredibly functional, I can clean and cook too.

General stuff I'm into:
Documentaries, Movies, Rockabilly and some lolita fashion
Books, Skeletons, Dogs, Apple Ale
Politics, painting, comics, manga, anime, erotica, art
Making model kits -- though i am just learning

Ben Affleck
bad porn

I collect stuff:
Dollfies - Ringdolls and others (Frankenstein, Zombie Sol, Violetta, Sweet witch)
Frankenstein's monster

Zombie Sol


Sweet Witch


Other goodies:
Monster High - dolls only
Hello kitty
Captain America

Listen to stuff,

Ed Harcourt
La Roux
the doors
Two Door Cinema Club
the faint
Dum dum girls
Ra Ra Riot
the drums
Jeff Buckley

My reading stuff :
Nothing atm

What i am watching atm:
Ceres Celstial, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Veep

What i am playing:
Starbound and Stardew Valley

And do other stuff like any other person:


Favorite Statue atm:

Remember to wear clean under wear.

***please dont contact me about selling items, I will make a post/thread/sale page if i am going to do so. THNX

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03 years agoTremendoTremendo
GustavKlimt (3 years ago) #2078198Hello, thnx for the friend request.
I see you are a fellow Jojo fan

Hi my jojo-FRIENDS ;D
03 years agoBloodiRoseBloodiRose
Omg, I noticed you own the Dollzone doll "Violetta"! She is still my first and only bjd... But I'm waiting on Momo from Volks to ask for payment at the moment. Nice to see someone else who owns her. :3
03 years agoCinnamonSwirlsCinnamonSwirls
GustavKlimt (3 years ago) #1691529I had a middle man order it for me when it came out on the site for order. Atm i cant remember, but i know i paid nearly 100 and some more for it. It was a very pricey buy.
If you love pyramid head, this is probably the most accurate one, though not perfect. I have the other two Gecco ones as well and debate on which is the best. All three of them together look lovely - but the Trim has the better coloring.

Wow, that's very lucky! This is one of the nicest PH statues I have seen. It's just impossible to find now and super expensive. Thank you for answering my questions! I appreciate it ^^
Ahh, I guess I'll have to settle with just my Gecco Exclusive PH for now. I wish I could have an army of Pyramid Heads.
03 years agoCinnamonSwirlsCinnamonSwirls
AAHHHH! You own that amazing Trims Japan Pyramid Head! Wow!
I was just wondering how you found it? Also (if you are totally comfortable saying) how much did you find it for? It's such a rare statue. Lovely collection by the way.
04 years agoCalypsoCalypso
GustavKlimt (4 years ago) #1383151
I see you are going through the same thing i do, i live in a small area and can only really see statues if i go to a convention or something out of my area.
You need to hunt through Mandrake for the Sin statues, but Kunai told me that they might reissue those sin game statues from what he translated from some papers.
If you decide to sign up to tetra, message me here -- cause the forum is so weird with PMs and other stuff - as well as sign up has been semi locked due to the 1000s of bots that sign up.
I've used that site you sent me to, it's a decent one. If you need any American ones (i know shipping sucks back and forth between the US and canada -- but it's a good way to get last minute statues) just ask.

Thanks it's very much appreciated! and the same goes for yourself, if there is anything that you are looking for, that I may be able to help out with, just let me know and it's done. Wow that's a name I haven't seen in forever, how is Kunai? tell him I said Hello, I use to chat with him quite a bit, maybe he remembers me haha. I will sign up for sure, see if I run into anyone that remembers me or I them haha. That would be pretty awesome if they re-release them, I really want Asmodeus, Ya I jump back and forth between Japan and Canada, I go into Mandarake, my place is near the Grand Chaos shop but haven't used their site all that much.

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