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Introduction & How I Became A Collector...
Hello and welcome! My name is Hannah and I've been collecting figures since mid to late 2009. Even before for then, I always had a thing for collecting something. The list goes on forever, but collecting US state quarters was probably the most major and is now complete a super slow work in progress with the new ones out.

I purchased my first figure, Yamaoto Isoroku, at age thirteen in 2007 while on vacation in California. Sparks flew and I knew in that moment she had to be mine. However, I had no knowledge on figures and made some wrong moves such as throwing away her box. Due to the peg on her foot breaking, she also had to be hot glued to her base. The following year, in California again, I purchased my second, Tandem Twin Merino. But due to low funds she was sold, there were some negative memories attached to her anyway so it's all good.

It wasn't until 2009 where I became interested in collecting figures. That was during the time Kotobukiya's Hetalia one coins were released. Back then US stores and Ebay were my only known source, like for so many newcomers. But that was when I initially came across Cattleya from Queen's Blade on Toyslogic and received my first figure of her as a gift (close contender being Risty). It was love at first sight and she initiated my figure collecting hobby in 2010.

Today, I consider myself to be a dedicated collector and can't see it being any other way. I'm slow placed and put a great deal of importance in decision making when it comes to ordering, spending, and saving. It's a matter of balance in my case. But anything Cattleya is a must as she is my waifu for laifu. ♥ I also collect Prince Soma & Agni merchandise and cow collectibles on the side. My cow collection is quite humble but my love of cows is not, even cow print (done right) makes me so happy inside.

My venture into anime began thanks to my best friend in fourth or fifth grade when introducing me to Inuyasha. It was my obsession for quite a while, until it gradually progressed to other shows. That's also around when [adult swim] entered my life and it's never left. I did watch anime before that, fairly heavy into Pokemon and Sailor Moon in my younger years (around six to nine), just knew nothing about anime other than "Hey this is awesome!" Sailor Uranus/Haruka Tenoh was actually one of my first loves and she is still oh so dear to me.

My whole life I have loved originality and the obscure, it feels like everything in my life has pointed me in this direction and it's all so wonderful. My tastes are diverse yet particular, and do stray from the norm but please don't be shy to send a FR! If you ever get a lengthy or late reply from me it's never a bad thing. I can be a real talker at times but please don't let that intimidate you.

You may know me from the infamous picture of the Cattleya A+ statue with my Grandpa. Honestly, the popularity of the picture was very unexpected. And yes, my Grandpa is aware of all the fame it has received and is surprised himself. However, he is happy and thanks me for 'making him famous'. I greatly appreciated the love shown by fellow MFC users as well as everyone else and thank everyone for the sweet comments!

Interests & Entertainment...
Aside from figure collecting and anime, my interests include art and animation of all sorts, animals, nature, kinks and fetishism, psychology, philosophy, world history and cultures, travel, mental illness, demonology, and fashion. My hobbies also include drawing, photography, and doing volunteer work.

I consider myself an artist and love broadening my horizons. Though my whole life I have have been limited to traditional work (sketching), my dream is to own a tablet and do commissions part time. But I do a whole lot more of admiring of others work because I am my own biggest critic. Photography is also enjoyable but my camera frustrates me to no avail so the picture quality isn't the greatest at times...

Anime & Television: South Park & Metalocalypse & Xavier: Renegade Angel (tied for favorite), TTGL, Panty & Stocking, Samurai Champloo, Mononoke, Black Butler, Shin Chan, Fate/Zero, Ouran High School Host Club, Michiko to Hatchin, Sailor Moon, Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid, Cromartie High School, Vermilion Pleasure Night, Hen Zemi, Tokyo Ghoul, Yowamushi Pedal, China IL, Super Milk Chan, Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls, Catfish: The TV Show, Face Off, Beavis & Butthead, Drawn Together, Pitbulls & Paroles, Disappeared, My Crazy Obsession, and My 600-lb Life.

Movies: Mind Game, Grave of the Fireflies, Monster (2003), Fight Club, Step Brothers, Borat, Martyrs, Insidious, Strangeland, The Holy Mountain, Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem, Disney's Aladdin, Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame, Despicable Me, The Lorax, Rio, Catfish, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Silent Hill, The Hills Have Eyes (2007), Densha Otoko, Spirited Away, Cat Soup, Dead Leaves, Puss in Boots, Inside Out, and Beetlejuice.

Music: Gorillaz, Dethklok, Die Antwoord, System of a Down, Scars on Broadway, Lords of Acid, Rammstein, and 1200 Micrograms are my all time favorites. Hurts to prioritize most of them. Love variety but am pretty damn finicky, won't lie.

Video Games: Prince of Persia, Scarface, Mortal Kombat, Bioshock, Ace Attorney, Persona 3 & 4, Valkyria Chronicles.

Manga & Comics: Hetalia, BL/yaoi titles (Rules, Twittering Birds Never Fly, Under Grand Hotel, Cut, Love Full of Scars, etc), doujinshi of all sorts, Black Butler, Welcome to the NHK, Tank Girl, and TTGL.

Dream Figures & Goods...

  • Cattleya (Queen's Blade) by Orchid Seed
  • Cattleya 1/1 or 1/3 Doll by Volks or Azone
  • Kirika (Eiken) by Orchid Seed (only in my dreams...)
  • Boxer Sonico by Orchid Seed (item #118444)
  • Melpha (Queen's Blade) Excellent Model by Megahouse item #394023 Thank you, Hobby Japan!
  • Kau (Togainu no Chi) Plush by GIFT
  • Bondage Game Figures (Any really)
  • Amane Nishiki (BlazBlue) by Max Factory
  • Grell Sutcliff (Kuroshitsuji) plush by GIFT
  • Rana (Queen's Blade) Revoltech by Kaiyodo
  • Cute shota figures in general

  • Collect every Cattleya figure (21/25)
  • Find an artist to do a special (clean) comission of Cattleya
  • Become a lifetime subscriber to MFC
  • Travel to Japan (and have a drink with Kaneko Hiraku and Hiroki Yasumoto haha someday)
  • Learn Japanese (been putting this off for many years)
  • Obtain Daiki Kougyou's Aizawa Sanae item #1125
  • Obtain any or all of the Boku no Pico Play Stationary figures
  • Obtain my Cattleya grail item #196100
  • Collect the series of the Seven Deadly Sins

/ ! \ None of the items in my collection are for sale, unless personally stated / ! \

Please visit my Want to Buy. list that includes a few must haves of mine, (mfc link).
If you're willing to sell anything on the list please contact me!

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HSkeleton (2 months ago) #13846309Bless your username. That is all.

Thank you, kind stranger. It seems you have an excellent taste in music.
04 months agomadbassmadbass
Hey! Hope you had an awesome birthday!
04 months agoTomTheCatTomTheCat
Happy Birthday! Wish you all the best!
04 months agoCriscokidCriscokid
Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good one!
14 months agodjsirendjsiren
Happy birthday! I hope that it will be a good one. :)

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