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✩> I'm Karlie, a senior at ASU studying Secondary Education/Spanish.
✩> I also work at a pizza joint, which helps to fund my slowly-growing figure collection and my cosplay hobby.
✩> Currently, I'm trying to focus on figures that are 1/8 or larger, and my current favorite companies are Alter and Wave.
✩> I will forever be working on expanding my Yoko collection.
✩> I hope to one day own a Dollfie Dream, preferably one of Yoko, Mikuru, or Yui.
✩> Kittens, strawberries, and big cities make me smile.

(ノ≧∇≦)ノ *:・゚’✿,。・:*:・゚’❁


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02 months agoMoun3Moun3
i'll empty my PM box :)

btw, the figure is still available

HagarenHeart (3 months ago) #2209488Hello! Your inbox is full. I was wondering if you still have this figure for sale: item #29525
I would like to discuss prices and pictures. Thank you! ^ .^
08 months agoBlackUsagi2013BlackUsagi2013
I replied back to the message asking if Sena & Yozora have been shipped....
01 year ago-Madoka--Madoka-
Thank you for Yui! I'm very Happy ! (she is so cute :3 )
01 year ago-Madoka--Madoka-
HagarenHeart (1 year ago) #1610703Okay, so, I called a different type of post office that's a little further away, and they said they could mail her for $40-ish dollars? And I feel bad about the high shipping, so I could drop the price of Yui to $40.
So all together that's Yui: $40 + Shipping: $40 = $80?

It is very kind!
But I can allow to put that 70usd max (it's for a lot for me...) do you agree? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE
01 year ago-Madoka--Madoka-
HagarenHeart (1 year ago) #1610674The shipping is $70 from the post office. So that would be Yui: $50 + Shipping: $70 = $120

Seriously ? I never see that T__T
Have you got a solution ? ( I very want her! )

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