HeliodoraHeliodora I like looking at expensive plastic

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01 month agoMrBefruitMrBefruit
Hello ^^
Yoshino arrived today
Thanks ;)
02 months agoSephsloverSephslover
Heliodora (2 months ago) #18454398I'm glad he arrived without a hassle :D
Hope he makes a good addition to your collection ^^

Ah, he totally does! *^_____^*

Thank you! :)
02 months agoSephsloverSephslover
Hello, Heliodora! ^^/

Mini Seph has just arrived here and he's sooooooooo cute! <333

Thank you very much! You're an awesome seller! d^^b
07 months agoTrafalgarRinTrafalgarRin
Heliodora (7 months ago) #14893343Vse najbuls za rojstni dan :D

Hvala :) ga ze pijemo kle na japonskem :D
01 year agopurinbunpurinbun
Heliodora (1 year ago) #3107412:P thank you for accepting, I wish you happy collecting~
Aawww > v < I wish you the same! Your collection is very lovely already~ Cheers!

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