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Gotta buy all the moe!

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02 months agoBlueleader72Blueleader72
Happy Birthday! (⌒ω⌒)ノ
02 months agotsunderequeentsunderequeen
Happy birthday!!! :^)
111 months agooiwaoiwa
Hiikarichan (1 year ago) #14994996omg thank you! Love lab will always have a special place in my heart, also, your collection is awesome as well!

thanks! and yeah oh man love lab is amazing, i still laugh about "your daddy is lingerie!!"
11 year agooiwaoiwa
i love your profile picture, Love Lab is such a funny anime. also nice collection! http://67.media.tumblr.com/93476052c73d3bd6e52ba94a0d601359/tumblr_inline_mg1a7tu16w1qdlkyg.gif
01 year agocollectorCherricollectorCherri
Hiikarichan (1 year ago) #13477220View spoilerHide spoiler
Yes! Chocolate cake is the best thing ever omg. I understand the pain of feeling bad when eating cake outside of special occasions :( but cake is what makes birthdays great half the time!

Right. It's hard to control yourself around one.
I remember seeing the cake scene in Matilda and thinking, "That's not a punishment. Sign me up for that" It looks yummy.
Then they had to show this scene.
That chef should not be working around food.-pretty sure she doesn't have a food handler's card.

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