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Gotta buy all the moe!

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18 months agooiwaoiwa
Hiikarichan (8 months ago) #14994996omg thank you! Love lab will always have a special place in my heart, also, your collection is awesome as well!

thanks! and yeah oh man love lab is amazing, i still laugh about "your daddy is lingerie!!"
18 months agooiwaoiwa
i love your profile picture, Love Lab is such a funny anime. also nice collection! http://67.media.tumblr.com/93476052c73d3bd6e52ba94a0d601359/tumblr_inline_mg1a7tu16w1qdlkyg.gif
010 months agocollectorCherricollectorCherri
Hiikarichan (10 months ago) #13477220View spoilerHide spoiler
Yes! Chocolate cake is the best thing ever omg. I understand the pain of feeling bad when eating cake outside of special occasions :( but cake is what makes birthdays great half the time!

Right. It's hard to control yourself around one.
I remember seeing the cake scene in Matilda and thinking, "That's not a punishment. Sign me up for that" It looks yummy.
Then they had to show this scene.
That chef should not be working around food.-pretty sure she doesn't have a food handler's card.
010 months agocollectorCherricollectorCherri
Hiikarichan (10 months ago) #13418419View spoilerHide spoiler
It was good! I had fun and I got chocolate cake!

Awesome! (That's the best kind, hands down.) I want some now. Unfortunately, I feel really guilty if I eat it outside of special occasions. I'll walk buy them at the store and be like
"I really shouldn't.." and don't get any. xD
010 months ago (10 months ago)collectorCherricollectorCherri
View spoilerHide spoilerHiikarichan (10 months ago) #13277022It is my birthday today! Thanks so much for the comment!

yw. How was it? Did you get some cake? (´ω`)

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