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Hey what's up??

I love collecting in fact I only really started collecting because of my love for Portgas D. Ace!


(◍•ᴗ•◍) ♡♡♡

Characters I want to focus on collecting

-Portgas D. Ace
-Akutagawa Ryunosuke
-Tsumugi Aoba
-Yagen Toushirou
-Seung-gil Lee

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012 hours agoathrunzalaathrunzala
HypedSniper (21 days ago) #25265902I'm really happy for you! Hope you had a good rest kinds >< Thanks! It was pretty lucky that I got a 5* let alone a Tsumugi 5*! I will cherish him TwT. Yeah this game has killed my sleeping pattern my gosh XD. Tsumugi has all my dia so I understand you not doing the birthday scouts. I glad at least one of us got it! Shame I couldn't with you, but I will try revival!!! Need to strengthen my team!!! Aww I look to see the translations ><Sorry for the late reply, I've been going through some personal issues so I haven't really been feeling well for the past month ;; That switch event killed me...I'm kinda mad that Kaoru's rank in the current event again ;;;; Oh well, revival events are there for a reason haha.
How have you been? I hope you've been feeling better than me ;u;
01 day agointernecinewarinternecinewar
HypedSniper (1 day ago) #26088033Hey random question out of curiousity what are your favourite characters in those fandoms :D

Oh! My favorites are Tanizaki/Twain from BSD, Ace/Law from One Piece, Mutsu/Nagasone/Aizen from Touran, Prompto from FFXV (though I prefer the brotherhood to stick together when I collect them haha), and Kirishima/Kaminari from HeroAca. How about you?

From your profile, I see we've got Ace, Law, Prompto and Kirishima in common? Hahaha. It's so hard to describe the type of character.. maybe cheerful (is Law cheerful? XD)? Dorky? No idea... XD.
01 day agoHypedSniperHypedSniper
internecinewar (25 days ago) #25122884Yes! Thanks for accepting! Haha. We've been in a couple of splits together already and seems like we're in the same fandoms as well! <3
Hey random question out of curiousity what are your favourite characters in those fandoms :D
012 days agosousuukessousuukes walking disaster
HypedSniper (13 days ago) #25582781Hey ^^ thanks for accepting my friend request btw :D I love your collection! So much tourabu owo Did you manage to get Tsumugi's 5* in the previous. I struggled so hard and used up most of my dia only to not get him ><.
and thank you for sending the request :D your collection is amazing too omg, i love your keychains and straps. i managed to get 3 copies of tsumugi's 5* from the last event and 3 copies of the rank natsume too which was a nice bonus! goodbye to all the dia i'd been saving up lol. that's such a shame you missed out on him, thank god for revival events tho :P have you been playing the current event? the cards are so cute!
020 days agosteffi-pandasteffi-panda
HypedSniper (21 days ago) #25283457Oohhh that sounds cool!! Kinda hope they do Kenshin nendos now. Hey Steffi >< I have been thinking of ordering the latest one piece calendar but there are no pics yet! >> The wild one, I guess is the dude one. Hope Ace is in it. Kenshin Nendos would definitely be awesome. Yes the Wild one is the dude one. I have not seen pictures yet either but Ace has been in all the other ones so I hoping he be in this one . :)

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