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Hey what's up??

I love collecting in fact I only really started collecting because of my love for Portgas D. Ace!


(◍•ᴗ•◍) ♡♡♡

Characters I want to focus on collecting

-Portgas D. Ace
-Akutagawa Ryunosuke
-Tsumugi Aoba
-Yagen Toushirou
-Seung-gil Lee

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01 day agoChoppiChoppi
HypedSniper (12 days ago) #23300031Wow thank you so much for the friend request ^^ nice to meet you too!I hope my collection gets better since I doubt I will ever stop loving his character X3 I'm really waiting on the Ace S.O.C figure! I love meeting others that share the same interests as I do! I hope I don't annoy you with these questions buut... What are your favourite pokes?? I'd say mine are Honchkrow, Toucannon, Vileplume, Alomomola etc. (there are too many ><) Which characters are your faves in Jojo and Oso??^^ I personally love, Jonathan, Caesar, Kakyoin (why do I love characters that are killed off TmT)and Okuyasu Ichimatsu and Karamatsu in Oso are my faves :3 I heard that there will be a season two. :D (sorry)

HELLO oh my gosh I'm so sorry for my late reply! ;_; Stuff was going on but now I can focus so my replies will be quick now :D I hope I didn't make you worry that I was ignoring you! ;; In fact, when I got to finally sit down and read your message it made my day :'D We have so much in common!

YES oh my gosh the SOC Ace is GORGEOUS!! I'm so excited too; he looks absolutely perfect already! Law's SOC is my favorite figure ever, but I don't have him yet because I'm waiting for him to pop up on AmiAmi's pre-owned section so I can throw him in with my monthly preorders.

My favorite Pokemon are Pyukumuku and Xurkitree :D I've unintentionally started a Pyukumuku collection... he's just so stupidly cute, and his merch is too. I love your choices, especially Vileplume; she's easily in my top 10 favorites and I am always in love with her plush. So underrated!

I've only read/watched parts 1-4 of Jojo, but my faves from each are Speedwagon, Stroheim, Kakyoin, and Okuyasu! So we're the same on the last two :D And my favorite Matsu is forever Kara!! I can't wait for season 2 either! I miss it so much;;

BUT YES I can already tell that we'll be great friends ;u;!!
012 days agorozellerozelle
HypedSniper (12 days ago) #23314353Hey rozelle! I haven't spoken to you in a while ^^ How are you doing? Are you going to get the Yurio nendo? I'm so tempted to!
Hi HypedSniper!!! :D It's great to hear from you :) I'm doing okay, thanks for asking! Been quite busy over the summer and waiting for the Summer Wonfes announcements hehe. How are you? :D I'm thinking about getting him when I see what's going to be announced after wonfes! (RIP wallet) Are you getting Yurio? :3
013 days ago (13 days ago)ChoppiChoppi
HypedSniper (13 days ago) #23293720Hi! I love your one piece collection!! I have been seeing your comments and ordered status a lot on one piece merch pages so I thought that I should check out your page ^^ Law heaven! You can never have too much Law
(ノ^о^)ノ One day my collection will be as awesome as yours hopefully haha!

Hi there!! :D Thanks so much for your comment, it's very nice to meet you! You can also never have too much Ace; you chose such an awesome character to collect(^∇^)It's so exciting to meet fellow One Piece collectors and can't wait to see your collection grow! Definitely sending you a friend request ASAP!

EDIT: I'm also a fan of Pokemon, JoJo, and Osomatsu-san too!
021 days ago (21 days ago)athrunzalaathrunzala
HypedSniper (2 months ago) #20718468You're welcome!! I'm glad all of your exams are over, that's good to hear! ^^ Though since I am sending to you rather late, I'm guessing you already started summer classes ><;;; Good luck! Ooh that sounds awesome, I'm not gonna lie, I love science. Though it must be rather tedious doing it in University @w@ I study BA Animation with a Japanese module (I guess you could say that it is my minor). Well with that event gone here is the Madara event. Man there is no time to chill haha! What do you think of him?? I quite like him ^^ Oh and did you get a chance to participate in the free 10 card dia scout?? I didn't have the best of luck with it but I did get my first 5* card (Subaru), a 4* card (Yuuki) and my precious 3* Tsumu TmT ♡♡♡Sorry for the super late reply, its been hectic with the summer classes (as you had guessed) as well as the convention I went to at the end of May!
Ohhhh BA Animation sounds neat! Tbh I'm not having fun with my biology major haha.
Omg, Madara is something else. He's been in like. every single event since he was introduced LOL. He's great though, we need that positivity from a 3rd year!! I got the same 5* agent Mao from the free 10 scout. He's the only gacha 5* I've ever gotten. and now I have 3 copies of him ^^;; OH MAN DID YOU MANAGE TO GET TSUMUGI'S GACHA 5*?!?!?!? He didn't come home for me, but at least the 3* Midori from the set did :')
01 month agoLehstLehst
aww thank you, my AoT customs have actually made a little progress since then, but I haven't posted anything cuz I'm never done! OTZ and now a better hair piece is releasing later this year (I'm glad I didn't get around the painting the one I have lol. lazy ftw.) but yeah there are too many customs I want to make. I've been forced to write notes on who is going to use what part.

Atsushi and Akutagawa nendos would be so great. If GSC doesn't tho, I'm going to make them myself. I'll share my idea- doesn't item #460236 have a good starting point for his hair? :3
Anyways thanks so much for the compliment on my ridiculous collection. And you are correct! my avatar is Watanuki Kimihiro. Yours is lovely, now I'm looking up Bungou to Alchemist x'D.

HypedSniper (1 month ago) #21489575Omg thank you so much haha ^^ I didn't really think I had much of a collection to be honest. I totally understand what you mean about Atsushi and Akutagawa. I'm hoping that they will make nendos of those two but I'm kinda doubting they will anytime soon. (I don't want to have to attempt to make them myself). Your collection in generally is super impressive owo I particularly admire your Attack on Titan, Tourabu and Petanko collection! I have yet to acquire any of those haha. Ooh I also really like your AoT customs! I have only really gotten interested in making my own ones a few months ago >< I want to mod some parts mostly though rather than collecting every single part of the nendoroid from others. There are quite a few that want to make too ^^;;;; Hey is your icon from xxxHolic?

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