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Ilvias | Italy | Nendoroid, TCGs, Touken Ranbu, Fire Emblem, Dollfies

Dream Figures (must have in the future):
Yuri Lowell ALTAiRAl Azif MDD Yellow Tachikomans Nendroid

My "must have if" figures:
Catherine 1/7 by Max Factory Arch Bishop Nendo Aegis 1/6 by ALTER


Favourites ever
GC: Tales of Symphonia, Baten Kaitos, Kirby Air Ride, Chibi Robo
Wii: Ookami, Muramasa, A Boy and his Blob
Xbox360: Tales of Vesperia, Star Ocean 4, Halo Wars
PS2:SMT:Persona 4, SMT:Persona 3 FES, Klonoa 2, .hack I.M.O.Q., Odinsphere, Valchyrie Profile 2, Xenosaga ep.3, Drakengard 2
NDS: The World Ends with You, Meteos, Custom Robo Arena, FF Tactics A2, FF III, Picross DS
GBA: TLOZ MInish Cap
PC:Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun, Melty Blood Act Cadenza, Touhou Project Phantasmagoria of Flower View
PSP:SMT:Persona 3 Portable, Patapon
3DS:Animal Crossing New Leaf, Kid Ikarus: Uprising
PS3:Atelier Arland series, Hyperdimension Neptunia
Manga: X 1999 (CLAMP), Dogs:Bullets and Carnage
Anime serie:GITS: Stand Alone Complex, Record of Lodoss War
Animation film: Kara no Kyoukai 5: Mujin Rasen, Summer Wars
CG film:Appleseed Ex Machina
Food: candies
Music: Various kinds of metal, 70' and 80' rock, progressive
PVC statue:


I would be glad if you want to join some of my clubs

A club for tachi-lovers, Tachikoma club!


My english is cheesy lol
I hope to be a good user and friend! Feel free to have a chat or to leave a message, I will answer you soon as I can!

Thank you for reading!
May PVC and love be always with you!

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