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024 days agobreakericbreakeric
nice, 2 itachi and 2 sasori figures hey... i think i see what youre doing :P i really wanna get sasuke and itachi figuarts too, but im buying a ps4 instead today ^^'
07 months agobreakericbreakeric
dude the variable action heroess whitebeard will be amazing o_O are you still gonna finish your custom?? i'm thinking of making a custom bardock 1/6 ^^ theres a cheap medicom goku on ebay for $100 xD and a bardock custom would be toooo easy!
08 months ago (8 months ago)samkaizokusamkaizoku
IpMan (8 months ago) #12250160They just announced a variable action heroes of whitebeard !! Cant wait to See
A prototype, also, Im Almost finished with my Madara sh figuarts, will Keep ya updated, peacd!

They did?? I wonder how will that work out since most of the available variable action heroes figures are of the same size. Whitebeard's will, must, be huge in comparison!
Looking forward to see your Madara figuarts!
08 months agobreakericbreakeric
I actually made a new custom Riku figure recently! From Kingdom hearts II! I posted a few pics of it on here for you to see, I had to spray paint the figures hands and feet black and then sew the robe, it was acrually pretty easy and it looked really sick
08 months agobreakericbreakeric
Yeah man sorry I keep saying to myself "it'll be easier to reply if I go on my laptop" but lately with work I haven't had the time or the effort to ^^' sorry for the late reply bro! The new kakashi figuarts looks sick!! I wanna order him and the new sasuke! They look so cool together

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