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06 hours agobreakericbreakeric
Holy maaaaaan!!!! Majin Vegeta looks sick!!! Definitely gonna pick him up, havent had an interest in the dbz figuarts since ss2 battle damaged gohan!
012 hours agobreakericbreakeric
made $650 from selling figures so far >_> but spent more than half back on figures I wanted haha. My "ordered" on mfc has never had so much shit in it lol
01 day agobreakericbreakeric
btw check out my bardock 1/6 custom, lemme know what you think :p
(mfc link)
01 day agobreakericbreakeric
Yo bro lets take it to pm
04 days agobreakericbreakeric
Yeah, Sakura seems bland. But yo, I wouldn't mind Jiraiya, that would be a cool addition. Or if they did her right, Tsunade! Would be sweet. And yeah, most of the fans want Akatsuki!!! I wish they'd make them all lol. also I talked to my ex and she said she would send me that Inuyasha figure back if she could find it :D yesssss, I remember I wiped his face and tried to repaint it but failed, so I gotta redo his face lol. But should be easy :D
I had the Ichigo Figuarts back when it was first released, but he was sort of a "clunky" figure, his legs were very loose at the hips and the knees were hard to bend since he was wearing his robe. but man did he ever look cool displayed with his mask!! i think i took down the pics i had of him though :( i had lots of cool ones posted here but i deleted them when i was younger for some reason???

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