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02 years agoPrincessSerenityPrincessSerenity

I recently sent you a pm about your Gift Yoko. If you still have her to sell, i would love to purchase her.

06 years agoflyingteapotflyingteapot
JambleHaha, at lest THIS time I was on time! At lest you were distrected by a good things I hope! I'm ok! And I picked a new hobby, which is drawing :D I give it every free momment I have... Still shelfless...

You did? Oh wow, I just checked your DA (instant follow), you're really really good if it's just a "new hobby"! :D
Have you got any drawing lessons or attended school, or did you develop this style by yourself? I really loved it.
Even though I'm out of graphic arts, I'm so used to charcoal pencil and drawing, I absolutely suck at digital painting! :D (we were mostly educated on advertisement). You should give me a few tips! ;*

My distractions were... weird :) I'll tell you on PM later on, I can't decide if they were good or bad but I feel a bit more confident about some things now.

I also picked up a new obsession :p Hitman Reborn~ ;w; You know how I loved One Piece along with TTGL, now add Reborn to that list haha :D

Anyway, I hope you're doing fine and happy ^-^

I'll absolutely write to you more later, take care!! <3
06 years agoflyingteapotflyingteapot
Jamble~Happy birthday!! It's been so long!

OMG Jamble! :D

Thank you so very much~!! (>ω<)

How are you, what have you been up to lately?? Oh dear, i really let time go didn't I!?
06 years agoLelouch_CCLelouch_CC
Hope you're having a great time! (and getting new figures, lol^^)

:D Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!! And especially for the awesomely sexy Kamina picture! O_O
06 years agoagcpicturesagcpictures
JambleSure, go ahead! I don't claim any rights to this picture. That was the only resolution of it I could find. And I found it because it illustrated an auction.
Okay, great! Thanks!

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