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025 days agoxCommandoxCommando
Jenthehen (25 days ago) #15091239Hey, wanted to let you know that I just got the Kokonoe Rin to go with Mimi and she does have some dye transfer from the navy blue clothing. It seems like I may be able to remove it with a magic eraser, but I probably won't bother since I'm going to leave her clothes on for display :)
:O Thanks for letting me know! I decided to buy the Sora 1/4 as well. AmiAmi emailed me again without me even asking; they told me they had someone double check her to see if you could see the stains with the clothes on and you couldn't. She also comes with an entire set of extra legs and arms which were like new so if I ever wanna remove the clothes I can swap limbs, but yeah I like the gym outfits anyhow. :3 I tried the magic eraser on all my dye stains and it didn't do a thing. >:
I'm gonna try out that benzoyl peroxide cream method and see how it works out. I'll let you know my results once I get around to buying a lamp for it. :o
01 month agoxCommandoxCommando
Jenthehen (1 month ago) #14673287I got her pre-owned and the seller warned that there were some faint marks / stains from the clothing, but when I checked, I didn't notice anything, tbh. I can look again when I'm home tonight to double check, but she seemed fine to me!
I've seen the Rin figure that goes with her for sale with photos of the dark stains where the clothing touches, though, so it can definitely happen.

I see, sweet. Thanks for replying so quickly! I'm just trying to gather as much info as I can before I buy one like her, cause yeah those stains are scary. 3: I'm glad yours didn't end up having hardly any of the staining though, that's awesome. :3
01 month agoxCommandoxCommando
Hey there, I just noticed you bought this recently: item #13592
If you don't mind my asking, did you buy her sealed or pre-owned? Also did she end up having stains from her outfit?
01 month agoangelbottangelbott
If your old schools like middle to high school like mine don't have AC machine in some classes...yeah.. :T orz
03 months agoNaelythNaelyth
Omg, I've seen you all around the site and have even spoken with you once or twice, but I now only just noticed your username is Jen the Hen. I always imagined your whole name as a single fantasy name or something, lol. Whoops!

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