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what app do you use to add the cute stickers to your photos? i need it ;_;
1 month ago
heekyunggx3 Queen's Watchdog's Wife
Jingobean (2 months ago) #26341151I hope you have a happy birthday~! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ ❤

thank you so much!! ^^ <3
2 months ago
Same here! I'd be annoyed if they decide to pass on making male protagonist nendoroids again this time >.< Also you are right. It does depend on the genre. Also it's unfortunate because male character merch are often higher in prices too T_T Hopefully this time it will be a decent price for Subaru and Kazuma, and other male protagonist figures in the future. Also LOL same here. I get excited seeing female figures as well <3 It's just that I think that it would just be perfect when you have the whole team with the male protagonist included. :')

Ohh your wallet is in danger. Rem and Ram would look perfect together. But I'm sure even with only just Rem she would be gorgeous to display!! I got my first scale from Amiami as well. Mine was a pre-owned one so I got it for 45 CAD and the quality is still good since it's Alter. Bless. But right now I'm in the same situation as you. My room is already small as it is. And I can hardly fight my OCD. I know how much of a struggle it is friend rofl. How can we stop ourselves omg. But I'm limiting my purchase to nendoroids and/or figmas for now (mostly nendos because they are less expensive). Then hopefully when I get a larger room and become more financially stable in the future, I'll be back to get more of scales!

I'm praying that Emilia will go up for pre-order soon as well! I wonder when her release date will be too. But yes, they will all be worth the wait :')

Jingobean (9 months ago) #18400166Yeah,I'll be super grumpy if they don't make us a Kazuma! Same goes for Subaru from ReZero.Dude characters really do tend to get shortchanged when it comes to merch,although it seems to depend a lot of the genre of the anime/manga/etc. And it becomes quite obvious they're being left out with series like ReZero & Konosuba,where the dude is the protagonist,but like 99% of the merch is of the girls lol.But then I feel like a hypocrite for thinking that when I'm so excited by seeing all the girls' figures lmao.
The Ram scale figure will be so lovely,I'm sure! I'm curious to see hwta her 2nd expression/pose will be,assuming that she'll be like Rem's and will have switchable faceplates & accessories.I ordered the matching Rem scale on AmiAmi,and she'll actually be my first scale figure! (๑•ω•๑) The price of scale figures has always made me flinch away,even if they can be utterly gorgeousss! I'm not sure if I'll get Ram to go with her though.My collection is quite small compared to a lot of people's here,but I'm still rapidly running out of room >3>;; So I have to keep that in mind when buying,and try to stick with characters/figures I really love rather than allowing my ocd run wild and buy things to "match" lmfao.IT'S A STRUGGLE xD
I'm hoping that since Emilia is already painted that means we won't have tooooo long to wait for a release date announcement,but they've made us wait so long for her already I'm not holding my breath xP I just keep telling myself she'll be worth the wait lol.
9 months ago
LMFAO I feel you with the feast or famine phase. Right now it's too good to pass on so many products that they are releasing. It's like they want to drain our wallets dry. xD I am looking forward to Emilia, Viktor, and Yurio nendos as well! God bless our budget this year. A lot of series are getting the figures they deserve. Is the order a rabbit nendoroid looks absolutely adorable as well :o

I'm excited to see Darkness too! It would be great to have Kazuma someday. x) But knowing how long they take to make male nendoroids... I don't know when that will happen. But one can hope lol.

Yes. How many decades does Syaoran need to get his well-deserved nendoroid? :(

Also woah that's an awesome addition to your collection! :D Snow Miku will look so beautiful. And have you seen Ram's matching scale with Rem? RIP wallet.

Also I see :o My orders are pretty spread out this year. But mostly on July-August. But I'm excited to see them :D

Jingobean (9 months ago) #18375798It always seems to be feast or famine with me when it comes to having figures coming out that I'm interested in..Nothing will be coming out that I"m interested in,and then BAM 80 figures I'd kill for all at once XD I'm really looking forward to the Emilia Nendo,Yuri Plisetsky & Victor Nikiforov Nendos (Yuri on Ice),Kokoa Nendo (Is the order a Rabbit?),Darkness Nendo.
I'm looking forward to seeing the faceplates for Darkness,she's such a goofball and so expressive that I'm sure they'll be hilarious xD
I wonder how long we'll have to wait to see Syaoran painted! I'm pretty sure he was announced at last year's festival,and we're only now seeing his unpainted prototype D: Poor boy.
I decided to get both the Figma & the Nendoroid Snow Miku >3>;;; Eep! July is gonna be a rough month lol,I'mma have to save up! I also have the Ram (ReZero) Nendo & Yuri KAtsuki (Yuri on Ice) Nendo from AmiAmi that month xD
9 months ago
You're welcome!! :3 I hope your day was great <3 Also omg yes your birthday has been blessed with wonfes updates haha. But indeed RIP our wallets. I'm currently interested in Konosuba (Darkness), Conan Edogawa, and Emilia (Re:Zero) nendoroid. God bless my wallet LOL.

Ohh yes snow Miku looks beautiful as well! Are you getting the snow Miku figma or nendoroid? *o* Also what other figures have you been thinking of getting? :D They're all so good! Also I'm surprised syaoran Li and FMA characters are getting nendoroids now. Just wow!

Jingobean (9 months ago) #18347276Oh wow,thank you! (❁´‿`❁) All these Wonder Festival pics have been an awesome birthday present,lol.It's gonna be a bad year for my wallet,man. So presh,waah~!! whl4u.jp/wh25/g... Have you seen anything you're keen on?
I'm also excitedly waiting for the Snow Miku orders to open on GSC! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ I've never been interested in Vocaloid / Miku at all,but this years Snow Miku figures are too perfect imo.
9 months ago
Happy Birthday!! :)
9 months ago
<3 Hahaha I never knew about the friends'list at first too. The site notificatons were confusing to me. x) Well now I'm happy that we can talk :D Also yes! I'm glad to meet another Canadian collector as well! Speaking of Canada Post I just paid a custom fee last 2 weeks ago. I really hope CAD goes up more this year. ;_; Also I just discovered this year that SAL shipping takes 2 months when you order on November due to Christmas rush (never doing that again). How about you, what were your experiences about Canada post and our unfortunate exchange rates so far? >.<

Ohh I can relate so well to this! I used to search a lot on ebay as well. I had Hitman Reborn trading figure bootlegs that I bought for such a cheap price before and I always thought they were precious. Not anymore since last summer when I was introduced to the authentic nendoroid! I actually wouldn't mind paying more for its quality. But it makes me sad that nendoroids used to be about 25-30 CAD only back when I couldn't collect since I was broke too. xD

Jingobean (10 months ago) #18181957You're too sweet! I honestly hadn't even noticed MFC had a friends list feature,so that was a pleasant surprise! I always enjoy finding another Canadian to commiserate with about Canada Post,and the crummy exchange rates (⇀∇↼) lol
Yes,Nendoroids were my first step in figure collecting,and years before I ever had money of my own to buy anything I'd obsessively torture myself by looking at people's pictures & tracking resale prices of my favorites on ebay XD Fun fact~ for years my pride & joy was a super awful bootleg Haruhi Suzumiya Nendo I got for like $12.I actually didn't know just HOW awful it was until I finally got my first REAL Nendo that I saw that it was literal garbage in comparison lmfao.
10 months ago
Thanks for accepting my FR fellow Canadian collector! :) Cute collection :3 I see you also love nendoroids!!
10 months ago
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Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.


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