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Likes: old-school 'Tezuka' animations- I love oldie 90s anime like 'Black Jack'/ Astro Boy/Ribbon Knight or Shotaru's Cyborg 009 as well as grew up in Rumiko series: Ranma 1/2, Inuyasha and her latest 'Kyokai no Rinne'

Interesting Fact: Big 'Detective' (Tantei)/mystery stories geek and is a fan of Sherlock Holmes and fave mystery anime: Gosick/Dantalian no Shoko/Psychic Yakumo / Un-Go!

Bonus Love: JRPG fantasy games/manga of course!!

My doll collection:
Pullip: Hannah (Ddalgi)
Dal: Pinoko (Melize)
Isul: Henry (Kazuya Kujo), Loki (Motonari)
Taeyang: Wizard Audric (Kaito)

Tezuka shrine dolls: Pullip Sapphire, Taeyang Black Jack + Pinoko

My Nendo Splits (Closed) list: Madoka Kaname Haruhi (uniform)


My Sales BST List : (mfc link)

This is for buyers (local/overseas) who purchase items from me - please check this list whenever I will update frequently! You can also check my feedback page.


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03 months agoChibiZeeChibiZee
I know how it feels to keep buying. I have been feeling like an addict lately. So many good items have been coming out. Oh are you planning on trades at nomi or just in general?

Mako is adorable! Her fight club outfit would be really neat to see. Hope to bump into you at AN. I'm expecting to see alot of Kill La Kill this year actually (maybe I'll find a Senketsu) >A< I used to make my cosplay as well. I made Akira Kogami outfit from Lucky Star for one year at Fan Expo but since then I haven't cosplayed in a couple of years but hopefully next year I can start again because I really want to cosplay Adiane the Elegant (I'm a just really big fan of Gurren Lagann).heh > w <;;Joichi (3 months ago) #2125056Ohh excellent! This would likely be my 1st year, I didn't hear about Nomi until recently last year after it ended. Yeah I know what you mean, I had a hard time transferring mine from house to house. But they are so cute and addictive.. ugh..! I sometimes have an urge to buy more.. maybe I wouldn't mind doing trades.
I know the forum threads, no one's posted photos so I figure links should work. Yes, I'm attempting to complete my Mako school girl uniform, mostly from scratch. I still have some minor parts to complete.. but her Fight-Club uniform would have to be another time. I love cosplaying, but so much preparation.. how about you?
03 months agoChibiZeeChibiZee
Joichi (3 months ago) #2123142Ooh it's a pleasure to meet another MFC and AN friend ^__^ I'm still new to Nomi forums.. trying to see where to post photos x.x
It's a pleasure to meet you as well. I'm really happy to meet other collectors especially locally. This is my second year buying things on the nomi forum and everyone seems really kind both sellers and buyers. Hopefully one year I can actually sell. I have so much stuff I want to get rid of ^^; I'm glad you managed to get some pics up. Will you be cosplaying at AN?
03 months agoChibiZeeChibiZee
Found your username from the AN nomi forums hope we can be friends :)
04 months agoakmb1987akmb1987
Joichi (5 months ago) #2047133Hello! Happy Birthday :)
Thank you very much! ^^
05 months agoKaito570Kaito570
Joichi (5 months ago) #2053718I know :( I wished he was popular enough to have just a pvc figure of his 'Maou version' with the horns, cape and wearing the McD uniform xD Maybe copyright to McDonald's has to be avoided :( Nah, I think because they think this show's target to male otaku (which is so bias)
I know right theres a lot of female otaku maybe they will realize that once they see the sales for the Free! figures and they will know that we are just as crazy XD

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