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Just a humble university student trying to make his way through the world. Trying really hard to get a trip to Japan and see what I've been missing all these years. Oh how foolish of me, I'm a Journalism student at Laurier in Canada which in my opinion is one of the best program being offered at campus.

I'm into collecting figures (obviously), Movies, Dakimakura, and anything else that I find fascinating.

I'm also very much into photography but with a point and shoot I can't capture the true beauty of what I shoot. As with all good things I will eventually get a DSLR in the near future.

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enjoy my posts and don't be afraid to follow me on google friends.

My Fav Anime/Game characters

Black Gold Saw (Black Rock Shooter)
Sakura kasugano (Street Fighter)
Ibuki (Street Fighter)
Makato (Street Fighter)
Akuma (Street Fighter)
Saber (Fate Stay/Night)
Saber Alter (Fate Stay/Night)
Saber Nero (Fate/Extra)
Joe (Burst Angel)
Meg (Burst Angel)
Sei (Burst Angel)
Maria (Burst Angel)
Claire (Claymore)
Shiro (Deadman Wonderland)
Aldora/Arudora (Queen's Blade)
Saeko Busujima (H.O.T.D)

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03 years agoCrysisJDCrysisJD
I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
05 years agoDjibrilDjibril
Happy Birthday! ^^
06 years agohikari2905hikari2905
Have a nice birthday celebration! Hope your collection will grow :3
06 years agoBlitzyBlitzy
Congratulations ^^. Enjoy this day
06 years agozseb78zseb78
Happy birthday !!!
Have a good day :-)

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