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Hello there and welcome to my page!


Name: Kira
Age: 22
Location: the Netherlands
Collecting figures since: 27-03-2012
Hobbies: belly dancing, collecting, going to conventions and dressing up for them, gaming, Dungeons & Dragons, watching anime, Dollfie Dreams
Current obsession: Sonico
Favorite manufacturer: Native, Alpha Max
Favorite figure: Cat Lap Milk item #78685
Favorite anime: Claymore, Shingeki no Kyojin, Deadman Wonderland, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
Favorite character: Ryuugu Rena, Rivaille, Crow & Ophelia
MOE points nekomimi, maid uniform, school girl uniform, twintails, zettai ryouki, shimapan, cute voice, embarrassed expression




About me

My love for anime started years and years ago when I was still in high school. Naruto was the first anime I became obsessed with and shortly more followed. I mostly watched BL anime by then, because I didn't know a lot about the world of anime yet. When anime became 'cool' I started to dislike it, which quickly turned to hate, because all the people that liked anime were idiots. After a couple of years I rediscovered anime and I fell in love with it all over again ^_^.

Collecting is a huge part of my life. I have been doing it for pretty much all of my life, though my interests have of course changed throughout the years. I currently collect multiple things and I also have a few collections that I'm not focusing on, meaning I'm not adding any more items to them at this moment.

I collect:

- Spartacus
- God of War
- scaled anime figures
- props and prop replicas
- autographed pictures of actors I admire
- Chi's Sweet Home and other cat things
- Sonico

And I'm a huge sucker for the words "limited" and "exclusive". Collecting gems and ancient relics is currently on hold.

I started collecting figures in March of 2012. The very first figure I ever bought was item #4839, years before I even started collecting them. That figure had its pegs broken off, started to lean and had its spear chewed up by my cat. After acquiring that figure (I was so proud of it!) I bought some trading figures at a convention and a figma, because by then I still thought it was ridiculous to pay €40+ for a piece of plastic. I also didn't know about websites like Nippon-Yasan and Amiami, so I didn't know you would have to pay a lot less for a figure there than you have to on a European based website. In 2011/2012 a friend of mine kept pushing me to sign up for MFC and in the end I caved. That was the beginning of the end.. of my money >o<! I acquired quite a few figures that year, but I also sold many.

I mainly collect scaled figures, but in 2013 I started getting an interest in Dollfie Dreams. I have cut down on (pre)ordering figures so I can build a Dollfie Dream family that I want to start with the lovely and innocent Mariko item #160079. She's my absolute favorite Dollfie Dream and I can't wait to own her.

I love meeting new people, though I'm a little shy. If you think we have anything in common or feel like talking to someone, feel free to leave a comment or send me a message =^_^=!



About buying from me

* I accept PayPal for international sales and Paypal and bank transfer for sales within the EU
* If you pay with Paypal as goods, I require shipping with tracking number (if you insist on shipping without a tracking number, please include a note in your payment as proof for any Paypal disputes)
* If you pay with Paypal as personal, shipping can be either with or without tracking number
* With large amounts of money, I may ask you to cover the Paypal fee; I include in every sale that Paypal fees are not inlcuded, so this should not come as a surpise
* I'm almost always open to offers
* You mag inquire about figures and other items from my collection that are not in my shop
* Please stay communicative throughtout the transaction and contact me if there are any problems
* Allow a couple of days for shipping. I usually ship an item out the same day or the next day, but unfortunately shipping boxes are not always available. I will inform you if I need more time to ship an item
* I'm usually very prompt with my responses. Sometimes I happen to be out of town, so if you don't hear from me the same day please allow 1-2 days delay
* If you have any questions or picture request, don't hesitate to contact me!




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011 days agoLesandiraLesandira
Kalissiah (12 days ago) #2244032Sorry for all the troubles. We were so busy moving, which is of course no excuse.
The parcel was send with tracking number 3SKABA4312197.

Ah, that is a relief! Which logistics service did you use for the parcel?

Have a nice weekend!
012 days agoLesandiraLesandira
Hi Kira,

I don't know if your PM box is full or what's exactly the nature of the problem. You told me you would ship GSC Tharja either on Monday or Tuesday and I haven't heard from you.

Please get back to me ASAP, I don't want to file a Paypal dispute :(
014 days agoSturmhornisseSturmhornisse
Kalissiah (14 days ago) #2241070I'm good :). I'm going to move to our new place tomorrow, so I'm pretty excited :D. And I'm starting school on August 18th, I'm going to study lab technology ^^.
Yay! I hope we win ^o^!

Sounds good! Especially as moving is a lot of stress...
Lab technology? I am actualy fighting with organic chemistry at the moment! I actually understand almost everything BUT it is soooo much. 2 nights ago I saw chemical formulas when I closed my eyes LOL
Still I kind of like it, hihi. Next semester I will have biochemistry and a microbiological praktikum! :D

lottery is always so exciting my poor heart... Just tell me before who should enter XD
014 days agoSturmhornisseSturmhornisse
Kalissiah (14 days ago) #2241004Awwe, yeah it's so easy to tell yourself that you can start learning later and then BAM you're too late xD.
I thought about it and what do you think about this?:
Head 25000
Body 22000
Outfit + wig 27000

Indeed... Learning often goes slower as planned. How are you by the way? I wanted to ask but I forgot to write it down LOL

Sounds fair to me ^o^
Now we just need to win... hihi
014 days ago (14 days ago)SturmhornisseSturmhornisse
I have looked through some splits to get a feeling for the prices of heads and bodies... Heads seem to go for around 23000-25000 Yen and bodies around 20000-25000. But I think 20000 is a bit low for a body :3
What do you think?

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