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Hello there and welcome to my page!



Age: 22
Location: the Netherlands
Collecting figures since: 27-03-2012
Hobbies: belly dancing, collecting, going to conventions and dressing up for them, gaming, Dungeons & Dragons, watching anime, Ball Jointed Dolls
Pets: 3 cats: Edgar (red tabby), Lientje (tuxedo) and Chi (blue tortoise shell)
Current obsession: Kokomi Shiina
Favorite manufacturer: Native, Alpha Max
Favorite figure: Cat Lap Milk item #78685
Favorite anime: Claymore, Shingeki no Kyojin, Deadman Wonderland, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
Favorite character: Ryuugu Rena, Rivaille, Crow & Ophelia ♥
Favorite Pokemon: Leafeon & Charizard
MOE points: nekomimi, maid uniform, school girl uniform, twintails, zettai ryouki, shimapan, cute voice, embarrassed voice, nice looking boobies
Things I collect: anime figures, BJD's, Super Sonico, Chi's Sweet Home, Pokemon, plushies, cat stuff, God of War, Spartacus, Lord of the Rings, Funko POP!'s.



*under construction as I was stupid enough to accidentally delete everything that was on my profile*

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01 hour ago (59 minutes ago)CalypsoCalypso
Kalissiah (3 days ago) #2631243Sorry for the late reply. I am the absolute worst person when it comes to responding to comments >o<.. I've been quite sick the past few weeks, so typing a long message can seem like a task too big then.
That's awesome that you know him personally! His art is gorgeous :). I see a lot of people complain about his art having the "same face syndrome", but since it's his own style you can't really expect him to have completely different faces all the sudden.. idk lol.
On your profile I saw Japan/Canada as your location. Forgive me for being so curious, but have you lived in Japan your whole life or do you originally come from Canada? I also read that you currently work as an artist, I would love to see your art one day :). I hope that's not creepy.
$1500 are you serious? She more than doubled in price in only a few months then! That's the downside of limited dolls, and of course those are always the prettiest! Thankfully they don't really go down in price, so I try to see it as an investment. If something happens, at least you could always get back what you paid :). But seriously, if you really like something and have the money to spend on it, I see no reason not to go for something you really want. I am currently paying off a $600 doll (which is obviously a lot less money, but since I went from working a fulltime job to going back to school it IS a lot :p), but I'd rather spend my 'extra' money on something I really love then putting it into a savings account to just sit there.

As am I, I have been out of town the past few days. No need to be sorry, it's okay ^-^; Oh, I'm sorry to hear that! how are you feeling?.

Ya, I have been buying his work directly from him for so long, that eventually our paths crossed outside of conventions and work, and we had dinner which we just basically just talked for hours and hours, and ever since then I always meet with him when he isn't too buy for a cup of tea, or something to eat. Too be honest I make it sound like I didn't fan girl our, but, uhh... I totally did when I was talking with him one on one lol. Ya, a lot of people tend to dislike that about his work, and I don't really blame them because he sticks to what he loves, and in the end it's his work, so as long as he loves it, I guess that's all that matters. By no means is that creepy hehe, I would be honored too, I have been trying to get my artwork on a safe site because a lot of my art work had been stolen, and sold dirt cheap on bootleg sites that sell prints, fake dakimakura's and fake artbooks, but that's a very long subject lol, but I would be more than happy too ^_^.

It's kind of a weird situation when it comes to where I live, I was born in Canada, moved to Japan, came back and went back a few times, and now I technically live in both lol. I have a very tiny work apartment there, and a little place in Canada as well.

Wow and her I thought that she was always that price haha, I guess that's a downfall of getting into something filled with limiteds/exclusives. That's very true, after you said that I went and looked at what the retailed at, and their prices now, and it's insane the market value of some of them. I couldn't agree more, I plan on buying her soon, I just have to time myself accordingly or else I will end up screwing up a bunch of bills, preorders, etc etc.

I hope that you feel better!, and look forward to hearing from ya,

019 days ago (18 days ago)CalypsoCalypso
Thanks, I really did get a lot of comments that made me feel much better about the situation, especially the ones that told how they helped me, it's amazing how something was once tragic became a blessing in disguise in more ways that I ever imagined.

Anytime, it is a wonderful collection thus far, I look forward to seeing it grow ^_^. Thank you, looking back, I'm glad that I started collecting them when I did, because some of them are crazy expensive now. Ah yes, she is a beautiful figure, I know Tony Taka personally, and he has been my idol for quite a long time, truly one of the best styles I have ever seen, I will keep an eye out for her, and will let you know via pm the link if/when I find her. What sites do you usually use to buy stuff/figures?

I'm quite the same, for longest time I always saw them and thought they were overly expensive for what they were, in till I really saw what you can do with them in terms of customization and was blown away at how large the market is for them I.E., Clothing, Wigs, Bodies, etc. Her face takes my breath away, it's so beautiful ; ;, but she also comes at a hefty price of $1500 average, but I think she'll be well worth it. Like wise, I feel like we have similar interest and a lot in common, so I'm glad our paths crossed, anything you want/need, feel free to message me ^-^.
021 days agoCalypsoCalypso
Glad we could be friends, you have a great collection going so far. I really love Dollfies/BJD's but I haven't gotten around to getting one yet, as some of the ones I really want are very expensive; but it is defenitly a hobby I look forward to getting into. If you have any advice, I would love to chat about them. The one that I'm looking at getting for my first one is:

item #229685
027 days agoForeverzeroForeverzero
Happy New Year!!!
028 days agoDynamiteDynamite

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