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Hello there and welcome to my page!



Age: 22
Location: the Netherlands
Collecting figures since: 27-03-2012
Hobbies: belly dancing, collecting, going to conventions and dressing up for them, gaming, Dungeons & Dragons, watching anime, Ball Jointed Dolls
Pets: 3 cats: Edgar (red tabby), Lientje (tuxedo) and Chi (blue tortoise shell)
Current obsession: Kokomi Shiina
Favorite manufacturer: Native, Alpha Max
Favorite figure: Cat Lap Milk item #78685
Favorite anime: Claymore, Shingeki no Kyojin, Deadman Wonderland, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
Favorite character: Ryuugu Rena, Rivaille, Crow & Ophelia ♥
Favorite Pokemon: Leafeon & Charizard
MOE points: nekomimi, maid uniform, school girl uniform, twintails, zettai ryouki, shimapan, cute voice, embarrassed voice, nice looking boobies
Things I collect: anime figures, BJD's, Super Sonico, Chi's Sweet Home, Pokemon, plushies, cat stuff, God of War, Spartacus, Lord of the Rings, Funko POP!'s.



*under construction as I was stupid enough to accidentally delete everything that was on my profile*

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02 days agoHuyHuy
Ohh all those nice ecchi figures :W
04 days agolucy4lucy4 Free! Lover
?? So I guess you don't want the figure anymore. Would have been nice to at least get an answer to one of my PMs you know.
06 days agolucy4lucy4 Free! Lover

Please answer my PM regarding the Mammon PO on NY you took over from me. Payment deadline is the 15th of December.
09 days agoGodYagamiGodYagami
I'm fine, just working and studying.... And spending my money to pay for my pre-orders! >_<
Can't stop!! Help me, I have to buy other things too but I don't have enough money for everything, I don't earn much :p I have pre-order for next year already, I think I will never be able to stop @_@ - when I think I will have some money to spend, a new awesome figure I really really want just shows up.

I see you ordered nendoroid Homura!! She looks so cute. But I want the figma... Just I don't know if I should get the figma eventually because I ordered the 1/8 Homura. I think maybe there's no point in that, 1/8 looks great and I think I shouldn't buy because IDK? The figma looks more like a cheaper option for those who can't afford the scale???

Are you going to travel for xmas? :)
09 days agoGodYagamiGodYagami

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