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Hello there and welcome to my page!



Age: 23
Location: the Netherlands
Collecting figures since: 27-03-2012
Hobbies: belly dancing, collecting, going to conventions and dressing up for them, gaming, Dungeons & Dragons, watching anime, Ball Jointed Dolls
Pets: 3 cats: Edgar (red tabby), Lientje (tuxedo) and Chi (blue tortoise shell)
Current obsession: Kokomi Shiina
Favorite manufacturer: Native, Alpha Max
Favorite figure: Cat Lap Milk item #78685
Favorite anime: Claymore, Shingeki no Kyojin, Deadman Wonderland, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
Favorite character: Ryuugu Rena, Rivaille, Crow & Ophelia ♥
Favorite Pokemon: Leafeon & Charizard
MOE points: nekomimi, maid uniform, school girl uniform, twintails, zettai ryouki, shimapan, cute voice, embarrassed voice, nice looking boobies
Things I collect: anime figures, BJD's, Super Sonico, Chi's Sweet Home, Pokemon, plushies, cat stuff, God of War, Spartacus, Lord of the Rings, Funko POP!'s.



*under construction as I was stupid enough to accidentally delete everything that was on my profile*

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07 days agoGodYagamiGodYagami
Love you ♥
01 month agoWiresetcWiresetc
Nice collection! So many figures from my wanted list ^_^
Btw, I'd love to buy the Naoe Kanetsugu you got on sale. If you still have it, please send a message back.
01 month agoReycoenmaReycoenma
You have a very lovely collection. ^_^
02 months agoLowlanderLowlander
Hi, I tried to send a message but you have your mailbox full.
02 months agoMrsPumpkin125MrsPumpkin125
Nu kan ik ineens geen mailtjes meer sturen, maar het telefoo hoesje is aangekomen!

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