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12 months ago (2 months ago)KierAngelKierAngel HERPADERP
hakukagi (2 months ago) #22336075Boop :3
02 months agohakukagihakukagi
Boop :3
02 years agowilliam_juntawilliam_junta
excellent collection!
02 years agoFullmangaFullmanga
Happy Birthday !
02 years agoDeadlyAnimeDeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
02 years agoOosOos
KierAngel (2 years ago) #2487878Saw this and thought of you XD item #269503

02 years agosqueakychionasqueakychiona
I saw this and I thought of you

item #194753
03 years agoOosOos
KierAngel (3 years ago) #2280457OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS~! Now I can track what goodies you have >D

hECK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

makes it easier for people to see what i have so they can buy it for me \o/ hoo-rah.
13 years agoOosOos
03 years agolittlestarlololittlestarlolo
-violently points in your direction-!!!
03 years agoDreamielDreamiel
KierAngel (3 years ago) #1756156I have played PDF - I'm having an embarrassingly hard time getting back into the swing of it ^^; But practice makes perfect!! OMG I still haven't watched Redial yet, what is wrong with me,?! @.@ NEW FANDOM YES. I'M REEEEEAAAAAAAAALLY INTO K PROJECT LIKE WOW JUST EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SHOW IS GORGEOUS <3 I'm also really enjoying Dangan Ronpa, but K is really the big thing in my life right now - which sucks 'cause I really wanna get ANY artbook for this show but none of the normal sites have ANY of them in stock without charging, like an arm and a leg! DX (First world problems, right? XD)
How about you? Any new fan fixes since Vampire Knight ended? I know the big loves never really go away! (See me and Evangelion XD)

Yay! I'm so glad you got into PDF ~ I got one of my friends hooked on the game after I made him play it with me so many times XDD Heh heh heh - love to spread the PDF love. And yeah, it took me like two weeks of playing it everyday before I was back up to pwning level :P I still haven't beaten all the extreme mode songs, only some of them - BUT, yesterday actually, I bought one of the big special PDF PS3 controllers at an anime store here. It has springs in the buttons and people say it makes it way easier to play on extreme mode. Can't wait to use it when I get back to CT ^_^

I just saw Redial a few days ago myself, that's why I thought to ask :P Some parts were cute, some were funny, some were tasteless... so business as usual I guess :P As far as fandoms on my part, obviously Steins;Gate is way up there, and so is Vocaloid, but Vampire Knight is definitely still my number one - and I found out a few days ago that there is a new mini artbook, a new light novel AND a new 40 page 'special chapter' coming out for VK in november to explain that mess of an ending, so yay! More VK on the horizon! I was literally SKIPPING around the apartment, and randomly linked arms with my friend from Estonia, and skipped around in a circle with her XD I actually got her and a girl from Hawaii into the show - we had a marathon of it in my room! Kyaaaaa~ Good times!
03 years agoDreamielDreamiel
KierAngel (4 years ago) #1431082OoO OMG I'll be ready for a challenge then!

Feels like forever since I've fangirled out with you ~ Did you ever get around to playing PDF XDD Or watching the Mirai Nikki redial OVA? Any new fandoms ~ ?
04 years agoPwinsuPwinsu
Amazing collection C:
04 years agoDreamielDreamiel
KierAngel (4 years ago) #1430165I have the PS3 version pre-ordered, why?

Ok, cuz my PS3 version came in last monday and I've been playing it and I have all these comments to make about it but I didn't think anyone else I knew had it so I wanted to check! So yay! When you get yours, tell me what you think of the difficulty... I mean, I can get through the songs but it feels like easy is what normal used to be, normal is what hard used to be, ect - its so much harder than the PSP games TT_TT
04 years agoDreamielDreamiel
Hey, do you have either version of Project Diva F?
04 years agosqueakychionasqueakychiona
Just learned that the Kyuubei plush I got isn't this one item #69025 but this one item #81635 . Really, the second one is bigger, cuter, and not as hard to find or as pricey and they are both made by Banpesto. I saw you have the first one in your wished items, so I thought you'd like to know there are two versions.
04 years agonammynammy
KierAngel (4 years ago) #1312475I'll hold on to him for you then! :D

Thank you T___________T Do you want to invoice me so I don't forget?
04 years agonammynammy
KierAngel (4 years ago) #1311135I got my box here [ext link ] but they're on backorder right now, so who knows when the next batch will be in. There are 8 in a box (so you're guaranteed to get at least 2 doubles) for about $40 before shipping. But if you're interested in either of my extras, just shoot me a PM :D

I should probably buy Cloud from you anyways u___u I won't be able to afford it till the end of the month, sadly. I MADE BAD MONEY DECISIONS D:
04 years agosqueakychionasqueakychiona
KierAngel (4 years ago) #1311255*DROOLS EVERYWHERE* *o*

I know right~!? I saw it and I was just~!
04 years agosqueakychionasqueakychiona
Hey hey. Squee with me maybe? item #137453

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