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Welcome to the page of KingPOSEidon

I'm a huge one piece fanatic i love watching the anime and reading the manga and of course collecting the figures.

I started my collection innocently purchasing bootlegs. I then discovered the real deal at my local hobby store and bought myself some grand line men i then wanted to expand my collection and moved on to figuarts zero.

Its 2012 and now I've set my sites on the world of P.O.P - New World

My Top 5 Favourite One Piece Characters:

My childhood would not be complete without Pokemon, I was more into the games and the Cards (which im selling btw) than the figures but hopefully i find a figure of my all time favourite Pokemon Charizard.

A List Of My Dream Team in each Version. Pokemon White would have to be my all time favourite, best and strongest team. I love dragon types.

Pokemon RED:

Pokemon SILVER:

Pokemon RUBY:

Pokemon DIAMOND:

Pokemon WHITE:

This is not my collection. This is my dream collection that one day i hope i get close enough to re-creating
Photo by: Chapulin

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04 months agoRaithosRaithos Existential
KingPOSEidon (4 months ago) #2450827Hey Raithos,
Long time bud last time i spoke to you i was moving on from P.O.P One Piece and moving on to Hot Toys. Just moved on from Hot Toys and got into 1/4 Sataues Premium Formats, Pop Culture Shock.
Just wanted to check out my MFC page to see where it all started and checked out your page and wow second most popular person on MFC site Congrats bud you sure deserve it =)
All the best mate see you in another 2-3 years hahah

Lol King, it's been too long man
I used to be the number one (but that's a different story), lol it was quite a jump though eh? Do you pump out a lot of pics of your stuff? Do you have a youtube channel or something I can follow you at? Gotta keep the contactttttt!!! :P
07 months agoAndessa16Andessa16
hbd sir
07 months agoKillaxKillax
Happy bday!
01 year agoAndessa16Andessa16
01 year agoDefonzoDefonzo
Happy birthday!

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