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Hey there! My name is Slinky! <3
Been collecting as a hobby for a few years now!
Currently focusing on my DRAMAtical Murder collection, since it is my obsession at the moment. I love every character!
I collect anything Noiz related! He's my husbando 5ever <3

I also run the Noiz Fanclub, welcome to all! club #1316

Don't be afraid to send a PM or FR me!

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06 months agoSkyBlueSkyBlue
Kinkslinks (7 months ago) #18589785I'm still crying over the's going to be such a beautiful figure, I still pinch myself to make sure it's realI was stunned when I first saw the announcement and it still feels so surreal right now. I think I’ll faint when the prototype is out...he’s so precious :')
07 months agoSkyBlueSkyBlue
Slinky, dreams do come true! We have a third Aoba scale~~ item #549359
08 months agoThe-HurricaneThe-Hurricane
Kinkslinks (8 months ago) #17660737I'm not going to reply to your comment about aoba on the page because I dont feel its related to it enough- my comment was replying to people being negative about the figure/character who hadn't ordered him in the first place. I understand your argument and I am a too a little dissapointed in the figure as well, but holding off on saying anything bad until I see him for myself- there is alot of good constructive criticism on there, I was refering to the non-helpful, and petty unnecessary comments in the thread. I dont mean to start off long rants and arguments in the thread again, hope you understand where I'm coming from a little better.

Yeah I understand. I'm not thrilled with the weird amount of negativity and defensiveness in the comment section to begin with, and the kind of comments that kept getting the page shut down. I think people should be more than allowed to talk about negative opinions regarding the figure, especially since it's a bunch of people like me who bought the figure and are irritated that we dropped $200+ on a figure that isn't living up to it's hype at all (I will bemoan the badly sculpted cock until the cows come home, I have a garage kit that has a dick but it's from a well-known shota artist, so it's...err, shota sized). But all of the personal attacks and stuff are really ridiculous, and it bugs me that people are invested enough in a fictional character and/or a piece of plastic to insult other people over this. :/

(Also, have to say I love your icon. Nitro Chiral makes great character designs (usually). I think I'd be more into DMMd as a franchise if it weren't the typical "main character is a total uke" thing. Noiz is the kind of character I like to see getting topped once in awhile. :P)
08 months agowolfgenzwolfgenz
Thank you so much for accepting!! Your Dmmd & Noiz collecting are amazing :)!Kinkslinks (8 months ago) #17614453Thanks for the FR!! You got a wonderful collection going!
08 months agoAimathystAimathyst TOM Affiliate
Kinkslinks (8 months ago) #17403775Thanks for the friend request! You got a lovely collection going!
Thank you so much! <3 you have the best and most dedicated DMMD / Noiz collection that I have ever seen OvO ~ <3

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