KiruKiruKiruKiru Happy Collector

I am a young Autistic girl from the Netherlands
who deeply loves collecting.
Especially Figmas and Nendoroids and any merch relating to games, anime and other things i love.

Right now my Main hunts (for reasonable prices) are:
Figma #192 - Kaito item #144317
Figma #246a - Horse item #198375
Figma #328 - Meiko item #363410
Figma EX-033 - Yuuki item #443208
Figma EX-037 - Twinkle Star Snow Miku - item #423597
Nendoroid - Red Champion vers. item #388627
Nendoroid #537 - N item #327207
Nendoroid #302 - Kagamine Len Append item #136453
Plamo Pokémon 10 - Raikou item #75466
S.H. Figuarts - Charizard item #449787

Im also very interested in obtaining more Re-ment and other miniatures.
Overall i really wanna collect more of Kagamine Len.

Looking forwards to:
Hanairogoromo Kagamine Len - item #542905
Figma Pokemon trainer Red - item #549354
Figma Deadpool - item #396890
Nendoroid Harvest Moon Kagamine Len - item #549380
Nendoroid Harvest Moon Kagamine Rin - item #549377
Nendoroid Fire emblem Sakura - item #549376
Nendoroid Pokemon Satoshi - item #549351
Nendoroid Pokemon Lilie - item #549348
Nendoroid #700 - Reimu (Touhou) - item #549350

Im not sure what else to put here.

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01 month agolightningmaidlightningmaid 不思議な
KiruKiru (1 month ago) #18240718I love your collection <3

Dankjewel. <3
02 months agoYoyoYoyo
KiruKiru (2 months ago) #17456841Happy Birthday

Thank you ^^
03 months agoValestein3Valestein3
Nope! :P as an American, all I have to do is pay for item, s and h and that's it! I think I have to pay customs if it's a big item or if you live in certain states and the item you receive.
03 months agoValestein3Valestein3
Sounds like you were born in the wrong country xD You ought to encourage your Dutch brethren to buy more figures so you guys can get partner shoped lol

Just need to wait for my DEC orders and I'm done! Kirie Eliasson. Amen.
03 months agoValestein3Valestein3
Inyerest8ng history lesson.

She comes out IN MAY?! How come a lot of Figmas are coming out that months huh? xD

You done messed it up ruru

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