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I've been collecting merchandise for a while and within recent years got into collecting figures~

I mostly collect Naruto, Detective Conan, Black Butler. But i'd like to own a figure for every show i love~ my collection is slowly but surely growing.

I'm also a big Detective Conan and Kaitou Kid Fan (Lets not forget Dazai)~

Shout out to rozelle to being a massive Kid fan with me!


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02 days agoNotSoFluentNotSoFluent
Kiz-xo (2 days ago) #24810002Yo MFC Says you own both Conan's from Union Creative!
If they've arrived (Ik people will put items on 'Owned' once they've paid for them, without actually receiving them to make it easier to organize.)
Please upload photos!
I really wanna see what they look like in person =D

They haven't arrived yet actually, but I do mark shipped stuff as Owned once tracking tells me they're in the US. :0

I'll be on vacation by the time they're delivered, but I did find pictures on Twitter and uploaded them, at least for the multistand Conan.
02 days agochipmunkchenchipmunkchen
you want a pic of akira? Did i understand that right ? :D
013 days agoLovelyIdiotLovelyIdiot
Kiz-xo (13 days ago) #24398903Yeah xD slow but steady.
I rarely find Australians let alone Perth, but soon i hope more Perth people join xD

I think most people just leave it as Australia for their location, like it's a big country man, could be a lil more specific XD I know a few Perth people who do that. Only found out they were in Perth when I was selling stuff to them lol.
013 days agoLovelyIdiotLovelyIdiot
Kiz-xo (14 days ago) #24360352Sent a f/r because we're both from Perth and its rare to see other perth people on here xD

Hello hello! Thank you for the friend request, and yes it's always nice to see another collector in Perth! We're rare but I think we're steadily growing in numbers xD
014 days agokuroshizkuroshiz
oh hey!!! nice to see you here on mfc too :D I'm not sure how to send you a friend request though xD;;

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