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I've been collecting merchandise for a while and within recent years got into collecting figures~


I mostly collect Naruto, Detective Conan, Black Butler. But i'd like to own a figure for every show i love~ my collection is slowly but surely growing.


I'm also a big Detective Conan and Kaitou Kid Fan


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Fav characters include
Kaitou Kid/ Kuroba Kaito
Kudo Shinichi
Sera Masumi
Akai Shuichi
Hattori Heiji
Hakuba Suguru

Ofcourse i love the rest too~

But lets not forget Dazai too~


Shout out to ROZELLE to being a massive Kid fan with me!

So many, Detective Conan, Magic Kaito 1412, Bungo Stray Dogs, Black Butler, Tokyo Ghoul, Ajin, Naruto, Bleach, SAO, Seraph of the End, to name a few.
Too many to count, Fav Mangas include: Black Butler, Ten Count, Blood Bank, God of High School,
Soundtracks from TV, Movies, Anime, Skillet, 3DG, Linkin Park, And too many more (I listen to most things)
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Kiz-xo (15 days ago) #26777588CD Japan is sounding good :o might give it a try next time :) pre sure they get exclusives too. if you just go the the site and find what you want you can change the currency to aus and shipping to aus and it will show you the prices and shipping methods available for the figure
15 days ago
Kiz-xo (15 days ago) #26777306What are the price comparisons like on BiJ and CD Japan :o cause BiJ packing sucks xD
But yeah true, i've gotten some decent figures on ebay for a good price before :o
BIJ you automatically pay the cheapest sal shipping then when the figure comes out you pay the rest of whatever the new price is cd japan for nedos you can ship for like 10 to 15$ takes two to six weeks never takes that long no tracking tho uhmm but for a normal scale ems is like 30 to 40 dollars
15 days ago
Kiz-xo (15 days ago) #26749106Big in Japan is my main site mostly because it gets exclusives and pays up front (But thats also a curse as i couldnt get Gaara due to poor xD)
Never used CD Japan though, didnt know you could pay upfront on it :o as for ebay. Fuck, That!
all the nendoroids on ebay are like $95 and the figures are worse x_x
Ik what you mean about the postage though :l i had to pay an extra $10 for Sasuke (g.e.m remix) postage
They moved it up from SAL to Airmail, which im pre salty about seeming the last thing i ordered from them with airmail came with the box and figures box completely destroyed :l
I'm not rich enough for EMS but im going to have to start considering it with my boxes arriving damaged.
yeah cd japans really good packaging is outstanding o0o0o0 ik what you mean i only use ebay for second hand figures XD most of my figures are from ebay second hand saves me alot of money and they r like brand new anyways
15 days ago
Kiz-xo (15 days ago) #26747999And that is a wise decision xD
I wanted to pay Sakura off now but amiami and GSCS were the only places that seemed to have gotten her in (That i knew anyway) n neither let me pay upfront.
Though im doomed for Febs orders xD No way will i be able to afford all of those x_x (tho if my pre orders get taken ill be fine)
But ye xD once i get a proper income (and dont have to save every cent) i plan to pay everything upfront too :3 AmiAmi is such a good site though!
i pray for ur survival, i use cd japan and big in japan and ebay they get exclusives all the time and its pay up front tho i have had to pay abit more postage a few times when the box was bigger then expected
15 days ago
Kiz-xo (15 days ago) #26721495Thats $800 more than me rn xD
But i pre ordered her on AmiAmi, so thats April's problem now :)
(Boy i hope i have money in March/April cause i have $100 each month for amiami PO haha)
oh gawd hahaha, i never have guts to order without paying up front in case i wont have the money when the time comes XD
15 days ago
Kiz-xo (15 days ago) #26719093Yeah, disappointing that she didnt come with any weapons or anything either. but shes still cute regardless and i still pre ordered her instantly xD hhahha, as i would too i have 800 in my bank tempted to pre order every naruto figure ive missed out on but i gotta pay for my stuff to be sent up XD hate life
15 days ago
Kiz-xo (16 days ago) #26703936Sakura's nendo is up for pre order \o/ yeah i noticed lol no sexy angry face just her goofy pissed off face a bit disappointing
16 days ago
Kiz-xo (19 days ago) #26613628This year alone has spit out so many figures xD my wallet cant keep up with them agreed
18 days ago
Kiz-xo (19 days ago) #26594174*Prays with you*
Damn she is cute though! I have a mighty need!
agreed will be my first nedo and maybe my last. funny thing is when i first started collecting not many naruto figs were being made reason why i got the DXF set but now they spit them out so much now its great XD
19 days ago
Kiz-xo (19 days ago) #26591607depending on what month she comes out in, I'm not sure i'll be able too either xD geez said life we live (pray to the figure gods)
19 days ago
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