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I've been collecting merchandise for a while and within recent years got into collecting figures~

I mostly collect Naruto, Detective Conan, Black Butler. But i'd like to own a figure for every show i love~ my collection is slowly but surely growing.

I'm also a big Detective Conan and Kaitou Kid Fan (Lets not forget Dazai)~

Shout out to rozelle to being a massive Kid fan with me!


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016 hours agoMilurielMiluriel
Just popping in to say I like your taste! Okay, bye :D
08 days agoAimaileafyAimaileafy
Kiz-xo (9 days ago) #22310713Happy Birthday!!! \o/

Oh! Thankyou soooo much >www<! Hehe, I just notized that I have birthday together with our mastermind Dazai! Im honoured heh xD
014 days agoMinaraiMinarai
Kiz-xo (14 days ago) #22130797Hello there o/
Hi there! Sorry if I sent a friend request very late night. (I'm supposed to be asleep but doing late night organizing haha)
01 month agoLehstLehst
Aww cool, you like Detective Conan too! A lot of worthwhile DC merch has been coming out the past couple years (as compared to the decades the story has been going on, lol) and the merch has been steadily flooding into my room!

I love the gifs on your profile!
01 month agoStarFruitStarFruit
Kiz-xo (1 month ago) #21016176Hello fellow Detective Conan fan o/
It is very nice to meet you =D
May we all be excited for future DC figures together =D

Yes~ Nice to meet you. DC fans are so rare on this site, so I'm really happy to unite with more! :D Can't wait to be excited together for those future DC releases!!!

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