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I've been collecting merchandise for a while and within recent years got into collecting figures~

I mostly collect Naruto, Detective Conan, Black Butler. But i'd like to own a figure for every show i love~ my collection is slowly but surely growing.

I'm also a big Detective Conan and Kaitou Kid Fan~

Shout out to rozelle to being a massive Kid fan with me!


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09 days agoLehstLehst
Aww cool, you like Detective Conan too! A lot of worthwhile DC merch has been coming out the past couple years (as compared to the decades the story has been going on, lol) and the merch has been steadily flooding into my room!

I love the gifs on your profile!
012 days agoStarFruitStarFruit
Kiz-xo (12 days ago) #21016176Hello fellow Detective Conan fan o/
It is very nice to meet you =D
May we all be excited for future DC figures together =D

Yes~ Nice to meet you. DC fans are so rare on this site, so I'm really happy to unite with more! :D Can't wait to be excited together for those future DC releases!!!
012 days agoStarFruitStarFruit
Thanks for the FR! Seeing your collection and wishlist makes me really happy, knowing that we both like a lot of the same animes and characters~ :)
113 days agoSasunarufan13Sasunarufan13
Kiz-xo (13 days ago) #20994086All good things must come to an end :c
Still, nothing will ever convince me SasuNaru isnt canon, its clearly shown in the story, idc if they had children n lives n shit. SN IS REAL!

You know, maybe we should be glad that SasuNaru never became officially canon in the manga, like literally coming out - can you imagine how badly the assistant would have fucked them up? :/
At least now we still have technically an entire series - plus novels - where they're like lowkey canon LOL
But yes, I agree, out of all pairings SN is definitely the most canon of all.
013 days agoSasunarufan13Sasunarufan13
Kiz-xo (13 days ago) #20993859Probably 100% done because people wouldnt accept SasuNaru due to gender boundaries (Which its 2017 why is that still a thing???)

Sadly in Japan it's still quite a big thing. The ending wouldn't have been bad if he had just left it open. Like show Naruto be a Hokage with a smile on his face or so. That would have been a great ending. The ending we got now didn't make any sense considering what kind of story it was.

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