KloikiKloiki I have seen the motherless breadfish

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02 years agoMaronnMaronn
Kloiki (2 years ago) #1112403Eeeeh...=S floating away.
Huh? Floating away?^^"
02 years agoMaronnMaronn
Kloiki (2 years ago) #1070030Chocolate I can't eat lol Ya, one day. I dunno really, I just lose track of things sometimes. //shrug =/
Ah, sucks. :/ Hmm...does not sound too good....do you feel better now?
02 years agoBLKstarBLKstar
Hello friend what's shackin???
02 years agobomhatbomhat because I'm batman
hayyy gurlllll
lets be friends!!
02 years agoMaronnMaronn
Kloiki (2 years ago) #1054215Ah, it's alright, I had a bad day yesterday a really bad day and I feel dumb for even writing that. Thanks for your support, everyone here is so nice. I'm alot better today though. Yeah, I'm still stuck with the parents..

Blah. No worries, I'm a dumbbutt! xD But anyway I appreciate you taking the time to write to me! ^^

sorry i haven't as much to say, I ate alot of candy today and I'm feeling hyper, losing track of things.

Oh no, don't feel bad for it, it's not like you did something wrong and everybody has very bad days once in a while.^^" I am glad to hear that you feel better today and that the candy helped you! (Yaaay sweets! You should eat a lot of chocolate, it makes you happy every day *lol*) No problem, if you feel ever that depressed again, just PM me. :)
That really sucks, hopefully you can get to a nice place of your own one day.
Haha well no problem, I don't have much today as well....except that WONFES IS HERE!! XD Oh and why are you losing track of things?
02 years agosilentxangelsilentxangel
Kloiki (2 years ago) #1054197Rawr~

Oh, I like your avatar, DM is so pretty~

Im so glad that you've bounced back from your slump yesterday! Everyone has their shitty days, but the only thing to do when you're on your knees is to tabs back up. Are you excited for Wonfest?! Cuz I am!!!

Yes, I love DM...she's cute and deadly, muahahahaha!
02 years agoBLKstarBLKstar
Thx do adding me buddy :)
02 years agodtang001dtang001
dtang001 (2 years ago) #1052938=] hi, im david nice to meet you

Thanks for the add =]
02 years agoMaronnMaronn
Kloiki (2 years ago) #1052750I'm always tired. Yeah catholic schools are pretty bad, especially when you're forced to go to church when you believe in nothing. I'm done highschool but don't have money for college. Sorry for a short post, I'm not feeling well today but I feel you've waited long enough for a reply. Hope you're doing well.
I can imagine, sounds horrible. That really sucks...it's so sad that education still is a money thing. No problem, thank you for your post anyway, I glad to hear from you.
Btw. I have read your diary blog, I am so sorry to hear that you got banned form figure.fm lost your major selling website....But maybe you can still try MFC, I mean, it's better than not trying to be able to pay your bills, right?
And wow, I did not know your family is that mean to each other...Are you still living at your parent's home?
Also it's pretty sad to hear that you think a lot about suicide...I am not sure if I can be of any help, but if you want to we can talk about that (with PM's...I mean that's a pretty personal thing and all...)
Umm I am sorry if I talked about a delicate matter or if I shouldn't have posted it on your site. I just felt like directly talking to you...^^"
I hope you feel less tired today.
02 years agosilentxangelsilentxangel
Hey there! Thanks so much for accepting! How are you today?
02 years agodtang001dtang001
=] hi, im david nice to meet you
02 years agoRaithosRaithos Reverb
You and I should be friends. Check your PM's and reply to me, I'd like to pick your brain.
02 years agoBLKstarBLKstar
I just sent you a friend request if you ever need to talk I will listen.
02 years agoTrishlerTrishler
Hello! :)
02 years agosilentxangelsilentxangel
I'd like to be your friend, please.
02 years agoMaronnMaronn
Kloiki (2 years ago) #1003490Ah, good to see you're well. I'm ok, wasn't doing so well but a little better now. I'm always tired. I hate school, I think I'd rather die then go to school. I was pretty homicidal in highschool but kept it very hidden due to being in a catholic school. I still get nightmares of being in school. Ah wait, this isn't good to talk about eh? And I'm supposedly 6 ^^; Yep yep.
Excessive use of the word "school".
I'm super tired right now >_>

Sorry to hear that. :/ Do you feel less tired now?
Oh wow, you went to a catholic school. O_O How was that? I mean, is it true what you say about catholic schools? Like, that they are very strict and they prey all the time etc.?^^" I guess I would have become homicidal too if my school had been catholic. I am just not really good friends with religion. XD (But it's not like I don't respect it if somebody believes in god or several gods.)
Oh don't worry, I find that interesting too. XD Ummm..are you already finished with school, btw.? Sorry if that is a stupid question...
Oh and umm..what do you mean with:" And I'm supposedly 6 ^^"? Sorry, I am kinda stupid today.^^"
Haha yeah, but sometimes you just have to say a world for several times to stress your hatred for something. :P
02 years agoitsame00itsame00
Kloiki (2 years ago) #1003499That craziness and the bear suit, I dunno.

Lol, its not a pedo suit. Its not even a bear XD
Sket Dance ep. 60, first half. You will die laughing, well I did :P
02 years agoitsame00itsame00
Kloiki (2 years ago) #1001827You're not a pedo are you? :O

Oh god no. I'm all about mature woman with glasses and suits (。・`ω´・。)
02 years agoitsame00itsame00
Holy s***. You're just six?! IMPOSSIBRU.
02 years agonw17nw17
Kloiki (2 years ago) #983634x3 There's an xbox club if you're interested, ps3 too. and yeah DP is awesome, I read they were making either a pre-qual or a sequal somewhere on Destructoid.

Yep, the remake for the PS3 sounds pretty cool, SWERY will hopefully greenlight the other two lol. I'm curious about your collection, what's it like? Have a good day!

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