KosuraKosura it's funny how I'm always right

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018 days agoLilieLilie
Okay, forget what i said about the 18if anime. The newest episode was awful. :D
021 days agoLilieLilie
Thank fukin god they removed the "What figure do you hate" blog. Idk if you saw it but i was really triggered by it, like does this community have to constantly have something to hate on? also how would a new collector whose new to MFC react to that kind of blogs: "oh... people here don't seem to like figmas... I collect figmas so maybe i'm not wanted here". Good thing a mod/admin removed it so fast. I was REALLY upset by it. I want this community to become better not worse. Sorry i just needed to express this to someone, hope you are not annoyed by this.
01 month agoLilieLilie
Have you noticed something strange? It feels like this site is sort of dying or going through some sort of phase. I could be wrong, but i'm assuming the amount of members on this site should be growing every year as this hobby becomes more popular.

Good example of growth is the r/animefigures sub in reddit that already passed over 15k users. But on here mfc i've noticed that on the blog section for example new blogs are getting much less views than 2-3 years ago. Nowdays the blogs get around 600-2500 views and if you go back like 300 pages to blogs 2-3 years old, you will notice they have a lot of more views 2000-8000 on average. Though there's some things that have to be taken into account: Was the viewcount system updated recently and shows the amount of views on blogs correctly now. Maybe few years ago the system calculated views incorretly and showed more views for a blog than it had in reality. I don't know, but if the view count system was not changed then it means new blogs are now getting much less views than few years ago. One could also argue that maybe the blog section just has gotten less popular, however i would disagree with this since the blog section is probably one of the most popular sections on MFC.

I've noticed the frontpage pictures are now mostly from the same members every week with few new expections. Item pages seem to be getting less comments than few years ago, but i need go through more item entries before i can be more certain if that is correct or not. It's just weird that it seems the activity on this site seems be lower nowdays while this hobby is getting more popular. Maybe people are becoming fed up of this site and just leaving.

Could MFC be dying or just going through low phase of activity? :D Could the price increase of figures be part of the reason?
04 months agodimxxzdimxxz ♥初音ミク
Thank you very much! :)
Kosura (4 months ago) #19165365I think I might've missed your b-day ...
Sorry bout that been a bit ... distant from everything.
Either way, still, happy birthday dude ^^
07 months agodimxxzdimxxz ♥初音ミク
Well I'm same as always xD so nothing new so far.
Then make sure to get dat skype open in 2017 xD
Kosura (7 months ago) #17173711Thank you ...
It's been a while, how've you been? XD
Thought with the new pc and all I'd have my skype open all day but that's not happening XD
07 months agodimxxzdimxxz ♥初音ミク
Happy Birthday Kosura! Wish you all the best and enjoy your day! :)
17 months ago (7 months ago)Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Happy (early) birthday!

Mfc sends a day early but yeah :)
07 months agohitagicrab27hitagicrab27 Filthy Casual ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Kosura (7 months ago) #17148917Thanks, it seems that mfc really does give a day early notice for this tho :D
Yeah it pretty much seems like they're using the first time zone lol.
17 months agohitagicrab27hitagicrab27 Filthy Casual ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Happy bday m8!
17 months agoTaigaSuzumiyaTaigaSuzumiya
17 months ago (7 months ago)LilieLilie

08 months ago (8 months ago)Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Kosura (8 months ago) #16677306if your birthday is tomorrow, that means you noted down the wrong date here on mfc XD
So uhm, early happy birthday then XD

No did not, many people have the same problem.. Every time i wish someone happy birthday they also say its tomorrow..
08 months agoLilieLilie
I haven't watched idolmasters either and i don't think i would even like it that much. But Love Live was super funny and all the characters were likable. Highly recommend you try few episodes atleast.
08 months agoLilieLilie
Nice new profile pic :D
09 months agoLilieLilie
Just started watching Anohana episode 1, absolutely no idea what this show is about :D
21 year agodimxxzdimxxz ♥初音ミク
Happy Birthday Kosura! Wish you all the best and many new figures! :)
01 year agoangelbottangelbott
Kosura (1 year ago) #3930296The ear drops .... such a weird feeling every single time.
Nowadays I just wear my headphones when going outside, it kind of helps against cold and wind while giving me some music. However when I'm gaming I need to constantly place my headphones on the side of my head (next to my ears) instead of on my ears cuz it's just straight up pain.
I don't use any aids or such, cuz I hear good now, it's just that I'm really sensitive to certain things. I mostly don't feel the pain anymore cuz my heart and lungs take that place, been having issues for more than a year now but the doctors don't really check it out because 1 I don't take medications 2 I'm still so young (that were their words, I'm young, it's probably not that bad anyway) 3 I'm a huge douchebag when it comes to doctors, I don't like them one bit and I show them that I don't like them XD

Haha. XD
I guess you are kind hard of hearing.. [I know few..they wear aids and they don't wear..so they know they say to thems..] ...
Sometime, doctors don't really understand this..oh well [or they lazy.. lol]
Yeah, I don't like the hospitals and doctors..i just saw them as evil 'greedy' [bills..nope..no thanks. xD] doctors.. xD; orz
01 year agoangelbottangelbott
Kosura (1 year ago) #3930223At least you do try your best to write. I've known quite some people with disabilities in my life but not everyone seems to try their best and some even use it as an excuse for things, which I kind of find offensive in a way because my entire family runs with some problems and everyone in my family, whether they want it or not has been kind of ignoring their problems and just kept moving on in their own way. And I didn't see the comments in the blog, I don't really read the comments that much, I mostly just read the entries themselves.
After the operation I went to do test regularly, my brother and I think my oldest sister also went for tests because they had some issues, my brothers brain didn't record sounds fast enough. So if you'd tell him something he'd only notice it like 10 seconds later. Which is now totally alright.
I can actually hear pretty well now but hearing tests aren't always valid, the sounds they use are the same sounds I have at random. I had to do my last hearing test twice because I didn't know if it was just my ears buzzing or the sound that they were playing.
And yeah I do often get headaches from it as well, it isn't as bad as when I was a kid. Back than my ears started to hurt for no reason which was so painfull I litterally collapsed crying, nowadays I'm so used to it that it's just part of the usual, daily pain

*nods* i always do try my best to write..I not want for grammar to be prefect..haha.. xD;
Well, any problems or not..life may be tough and like rides in wild.. :T
*nods* yeah..
I really hate headaches haha. xD I don't wear my hearing aids in there like anime conv. or big place why? because too many people talk or something it send my brain into headache.. @.@;; I can't handle this...I don't always wear hearing aids..haha..i like quiet in somehow.. xD
Oh god, I seriously hate evil pain in the ear..I was child young..I was cried heavy I was screaming and yelled like "Please stop hurt my ears! HELP STOP THIS HURT!! it felt like BLEED! HELP AHH!" [in sign language yeah. xD] I kept cover hand on ear to tried rip of pain..I was go to hospital this med like drop in ear to help calm pain..god..this pain was really deep in my ears.. T.T I feel you..in 3 years ago I felt this evil pain in ear..but it not too heavy like I used in kid..just small..o.o I really hate this pain ear..
01 year agoangelbottangelbott
Kosura (1 year ago) #3930185Not entirely sure what blog you're talking about. I was just a bit curious. Probably annoying by now that people keep commenting on it. I was actually born deaf as well. I had no holes in my ears, my flesh was closed and grown over my eardrums. I had an operation for it when I was really young. It's nice but I do have a lot of trouble with them. Hear buzzing noises for no reason, start peeping like crazy and I'm really sensitive to the weather, wind and cold are my worst enemy.
I don't mind it whether or not your english is good, but it is sometimes a bit hard to understand. Especially since english isn't my first language either (it's my third language XD)

half people think if I can read lips no it not.. well somehow half can read their lips and some don't read lips like me.. it's just myth haha..
Yes, I know my grammar is really confuse and messy up...it's just I has disable in my brain so I can't help it.. my brain and hands is not work together..yes it like puzzle or maze... it just part of me.. :T *shrugs*
[blog I talking about parents will kill you for eat space up.. xD]
Well...I could feeling too loud noises to my not work ears..but send me felt sound waves..haha..I can hear too loud but it not mean I CAN hear at all..no..
Do you went to your hearing doctor? like hearing aid and test for hear levels? [I used go to 'doctor' for check hearing levels how I would hear at whatever levels..]
sometime noises are really annoying and it could sent into headache..haha.. xD;
I see. xD
01 year agoangelbottangelbott
Kosura (1 year ago) #3930147Kind of curious. After your lil blog, I felt like your english was ... bad. So I went to check here on your account to see whether or not it's your native language. You're from america so I'm guessing it is. Than I scrolled down and read that you were born deaf. Not that I want to mix in between your personal life, but I was wondering if you're still deaf or not. (you don't have to answer if you don't want to).
Maybe, you should read I talked to skny on my blog in past.. I know my English always not great..I am fine with this. Yes I was born and raise in USA but English is never my first it's second. :)
I am really deaf..because my drums in the ears aren't work since I was born.. :T

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