KotatsuKotatsu No Nitroplus No Life !Nendomaniac & Nitro Super Sonico Fanboy <3


Welcome to my profile !

My name is Christian and I'm a big fan of Nitroplus games !

I'm currently trying to collect all Nitroplus games and goods but only Sonicomi , Soukou Akki Muramasa , Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no koi for now.
I'm also a fan of Coffee Kizoku who I love her Illustration.

My current goal :
- Meet Tsuji Santa and have an official drawing of Sonico by him.
- All Nitroplus games and goods :p !

If you have any question, feel free to ask ! And Thank you for visiting my profile =D !

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03 months agoMarco-KunMarco-Kun Sonico lover
Hey ^^ Could you change the covers for these two to the actual covers :P
item #175913
item #175914
03 months agoMarco-KunMarco-Kun Sonico lover
How was your Christmas? ^^
Did you go to Comiket this year? I see you got this item: item #273257
An expensive item because of the body mousepad though :P But it looks great!
Last year you got me the one for 2014, but that was sold separately instead of with a bonus item.
05 months agoMarco-KunMarco-Kun Sonico lover
Wow did you know of this item: (ext link)
Life size Oppai mousepad! If only it would be less expensive.... (and available.. lol)
05 months agoMarco-KunMarco-Kun Sonico lover
Haha yeaaa I wanted them!! You got all of them right?
Ohhh wait, I think I saw that comment, totally forgot!

From what folder did you get it? Is the laptop running Windows 7?
Is that all from the theme of the Sonico laptop?

Kotatsu (5 months ago) #2391231Wow all at once xD , I don't know if you saw my last comment but I found the screen saver and the voice of sonico on my laptop.
06 months agoMarco-KunMarco-Kun Sonico lover
I just ordered all of the Limited Edition Blu-rays of SoniAni at Nippon-Yasan! I requested them and thankfully they could add them! They will be great in the collection! I can watch them on my PS3, too bad for no subtitles though haha

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