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Hey guys! the name is \"K\"! Yes, it does stand for something, but I'd rather not talk about it XD. Truth be told, toy collecting has been rather significant for me.

Due to the agony of work and the pressures of getting married, I found myself trapped in the pit of boredom... a continuous cycle of waking up, working, and sleeping (boring eh?). I've been away from anime for 2-3 years T__T, that is until I saw a fig that soon became the first piece of my collection (Saber Holiday ver.). I suppose it came off as nostalgic since Fate/stay night was the last anime I watched before quitting. Best hobby in the world :). It really does remove the linearity of life... and I owe it all to SABER @___@

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04 days agoFullmangaFullmanga
Happy Birthday!
010 months ago (10 months ago)icechuicechu
Happy new year, Ktype! ^^ ❤ I hope that it's a great one!!
02 years agoDjibrilDjibril
Happy Birthday!
Enjoy this day! ^^
03 years agoBlitzyBlitzy
Congratulations ^^. Enjoy this day
03 years agolightningsabrelightningsabre
Happy birthday! Hope you have a good birthday ^o^

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