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HELLOHeyoo~ I'm an 18 years old average collector. I started collecting on Jan 2014.
The reason was MegaHouse's Sasuke GEM that really got me into figures. I was interested in anime goods and figures even before, but I never had the money nor the knowledge to actually start collecting.
As you may have noticed I'm a huge fan of Danganronpa, Pokemon and Nitro+Chiral. And when I really love something I just have to buy all the merch I can get my hands on. and dedicate my life to it

I tend to collect games, goods and media rather than figures, because yeah, they're kinda expensive.(;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) Not to mention I'm running out of space.

By the way, I accept random friend requests. (*´∇`*)

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016 days agoYumiuYumiu UMARU~
KuroUchiha (18 days ago) #18761531OH MY I WONDER WHO SLIPPED INTO MY ACCOUNT

028 days agoChelsea_akashiChelsea_akashi
KuroUchiha (1 month ago) #18377206Ah Thank you! I hope so too ;w; Glad to hear you're doing well and you're not sick anymore! I know right? Everyone is sick lately, for me it's the third time this winter! I'm so sensitive to cold weather;;"
YEAHH!~ POTC is one of my favorite movie series of all time!! (The first is Harry Potter for me, it's also pretty accourate to the books!) And I also love TLOTR! I didn't read the books tho, but I really liked the movies alongside The Hobbit!) I'm so happy to find someone who likes POTC as much as I do! I absolutely agree with everything you said! The soundtrack is one of the best I've ever heard and the story, the characters are all incredible. Johnny Depp is also doing an amazing job playing Captain Jack Sparrow! This is a figure I'm not going to pass, it's a must-have for me <3 Oh my god yeah he must come with all the aaccessories you mentioned, especially the jar of dirt, rum and a sword! Can't wait;o;
I didn't expect MegaHouse Victor to have these clothes, but I love them. They're very simple and minimalist and somehow it fits the pose perfectly. His face is so beautiful <3 I'm surprised though, Yuuri is the main character I thought we'll see a scale by now. Oh yEAH I still hope for Victor and Yuuri scales together wearing the Stay Close To Me outfits! Can't wait to see the faceplates of Victor's nendo, looking forward to see the heart mouth and the accessories!
i kNOW RIGHT? I almost screamed when I saw it, there is NO way I'm skipping this one. I absolutely need it. It's like like how I felt when Max Factory's Ren came out. I ended up paying $220 for him. But it was WORTH IT. It's my favorite figure in my collection ;u; Just when I thought my wallet can rest since I decided I'm done with scaled figures. I had to cancel 2 monthly orders from AmiAmi with tons of Yuri on Ice stuff..I'm still crying over it;; (Although I really miss scaled figures.. but I just don't have the money for them anymore OTL..)
Nah It's okay! I send long replies too so I'm sorry myself haha ^o^"

/// I apologize for the late reply ;w;//

Hope your doing well! Hopefully your cold is starting to die down! ^o^

Anyways, continuing where we left off last-

YES om g I'm truly happy to find someone who loves YOI, POTC, and LOTR. I totally agree;; Johnny Depp is fantastic! He is a gem and just an incredible actor who really brings characters to life. I can't imagine any other actor playing the role of Jack Sparrow- Or well excuse me;; Captain Jack Sparrow -w- Also yes, Harry Potter is amazing! Imagine Harry potter nendos omg that'd be super cute--

I agree! I as well was not expecting the minimalist clothing for Megahouse Viktor;; however, I feel that it works quite well and really compliments him because it forces one to really focus on his movement and its overall beauty. And same... Kinda disappointment in the lack of Yuuri... but Lets have high hopes for next Wonfes-!

And now that his nendo has been shown;; Viktor is just the cutest thing ever! I love the faceplates and accessories;; Plus the little Makkachin ;0;/// I can't wait to pose him and Yuuri together! Goodsmile definitely did him justice! *^* Have you seen the little makkachin sleeping bag for Viktor? I almost died of cuteness :,)

It's funny because last night, I went to sleep around 4 AM;; So you can imagine just how tired I was getting up for school at 6:30 ;w; Sleepy eyed, I go on insta real quick and saw Viktor's nendoroid;; Let me tell you;; I was not tired at all after that lol! I was so excited and happy-!! Wish it could be like that every morning -3-

Finally, IKR. By far one of the figures I look forward to the most this year! Aoba is gorgeous and I have faith in Goodsmile! And ahh $220---!!! Max factory Aoba is beautiful though, so I can certainly understand how i was worth it! I adore the base and his pose!

Awe,, I'm sorry to hear that you had to cancel some orders ;-; Tbh i'd be pretty sad about that myself;; Scale figures are so amazing yet so expensive///

///Now accepting prayers for wallet-kun 2017////
129 days agoYumiuYumiu UMARU~
KuroUchiha (29 days ago) #18454421YESH. <333 Zona Sheli.
Batata sheli <3333333
01 month agoYumiuYumiu UMARU~
KuroUchiha (1 month ago) #18445683BITCH I DO!!!!
01 month agoYumiuYumiu UMARU~
KuroUchiha (1 month ago) #18443625I LOVE YOU! LOVE ME BACKKKKKKKKKKK. LOVE ME FIRST BITCH!!!!

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