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Hi, I quit collecting lol :)


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023 hours agoAndyTwobeatsAndyTwobeats
Kzuki (1 day ago) #9564358I guess close to 100 was the standard yeah. Plus I feel like we were luckier cause a lot ended up in the bargain bin. How's that now? Do figs still end up in the bargain bin?
Yup, just nothing nearly as good (well, for ones I'd want to buy anyway)
I should've bought a second GSC Hitagi when AmiAmi had her so cheap that one time ._____.
01 day agoAndyTwobeatsAndyTwobeats
Kzuki (1 day ago) #9564305Okay but besides it being expensive to you. I meant overall. I was wondering if 150 is considered high today? Cause I remember buying figures at 150 or even higher back then.
Definitely high imo
Most of the ones I bought back then were half that :P
More expensive ones closer to 100
01 day agoAndyTwobeatsAndyTwobeats
Kzuki (1 day ago) #9540204Is that expensive nowadays for a figure?
Is to me, since the Canadian dollar is so low -___-
01 day agoAndyTwobeatsAndyTwobeats
Kzuki (2 days ago) #9519050Doesn't sound like you truly want her lol!
Won't know until I see a prototype XD ...and price ._____. guessing like $150USD -____-
03 days agoAndyTwobeatsAndyTwobeats
Kzuki (3 days ago) #9458556Maybe it's cancelled rofl!
Oh sucks. Going to buy a new TV soon then?

I'd be disappointed, but then it's money I won't be spending XD so that's ok too
Sure hope so -__-

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