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Hi, I quit collecting lol :)

I just want to give a special thanks to those who gave my figures a new loving home.
They really needed it. Thanks so much!


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016 hours agoAndyTwobeatsAndyTwobeats
Kzuki (16 hours ago) #2328177I'm no fan of chocolate and a lot of the cheap chocolate are way too sweet.
Cute item #216850

Yeah, I like dark, then milk :P
I don't like white chocolate XD
oooo picture it's based on is nice too
04 days agoAndyTwobeatsAndyTwobeats
Kzuki (4 days ago) #2322586Yes thanks for your input! :)
I've bought stuff from that site as well and they are fine, so take a look.
OH you didn't try LOOL!! Yeah understandable at that insane price.
In Lyon they had many chocolate shops too. I really wanted to try something, but the prices sucked so badly ugh. And not everything with a hefty price tag is worth the money :(

ooo ok >:3

Yeah XD we totally forgot
Any chocolate is fine with me XD definitely doesn't have to be pricy
04 days agoAndyTwobeatsAndyTwobeats
Kzuki (4 days ago) #2322538Yeah I'll get the fragrance soon and the rest will have to wait I guess :)
I went to a Dutch site (but they have multiple EU sites too I believe) and plenty of Anna Sui fragrances. Maybe you can get something and ship it to her directly? Here is the site View spoilerHide
Nope it sucked and authentic French is expensive. We did go to this one nicer place with very friendly staff and the food was great!
Awww that's pricey for a pineapple. Was it any better though or not really? Lol!

Yeah I think that'd be the best thing to do :P don't wanna risk not being able to get it later on
Ooo ty ty I'll have a look >:3

Yeah that's what I mean XD
We went to Hawaii but totally forgot to try a pineapple while we were there -__- XD
I just remember the prices of them being expensive XD
05 days agoAndyTwobeatsAndyTwobeats
Hmmmmmm if you have the funds you could get it to be safe
Or maybe wait until Oct/November (but still well before Christmas) and get it then, cause you never know if it'll sell out when other people are busy shopping for gifts :P

Anna Sui I think XD

o__o would've thought the food would be really good
...then again when I went to Hawaii in grade 6 we forgot to try a pineapple from there XD to see if it was any different. They were expensive though -__- ...well, like the same price as here ($4-6), but we would've thought they'd be cheaper there XD
05 days agoAndyTwobeatsAndyTwobeats
Kzuki (5 days ago) #2320764Yup yup. Should I get the perfume now or later?
Yeah it was fun and we went to a bunch of museums. Seen nice stuff, scenery etc.
But yes very expensive and unfriendly Frenchies LOL..

Hmmmm if it's rare, then I'd get it while you can :P
If it's widely available, you could wait for a sale if you wanted :P
If it's not that expensive, you could just get it so that you know for sure you have it in time :P
Gf likes a bunch of perfumes that are no longer sold so... =X I don't really know anything about any perfume XD

Ooo that's still cool >:3
At least the food should've been nice XD

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