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Hi, I quit collecting lol :)

I just want to give a special thanks to those who gave my figures a new loving home.
They really needed it. Thanks so much!


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016 hours agoAndyTwobeatsAndyTwobeats
Kzuki (16 hours ago) #2531885Happy belated birthday.
Thanks :D
01 day agoKibiKibi Prisma Kibino
I didn't read anything about bad qc tbh but that must it be. It's not like other companies are perfect.

I love these shoes as well but I have weird feet (size-wise) and always 'fall out' of pumps. High heeled boots ate better for me. Otherwise I would be extremely tempted to get them. Though the prise is a pain. Who knows how the quality of these shoes is?

I just played some Hatoful Boyfriend. Amazing game! Very nice balance of funny and emotional moments. If you ever get the chance to play it, don't hesitate!
01 day agoAndyTwobeatsAndyTwobeats
Kzuki (1 day ago) #2530405Another ridiculous product LOL. Funny though.
Yeah, looks cheaply made
01 day ago (1 day ago)KibiKibi Prisma Kibino
There are always people that hate them but I read negative comments about Koto quite often lately. I would like to know what these people consider as good and as bad. Koto has better sculpts than other companies some times imo.

(mfc link) (mfc link)

item #274007 !!

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