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Hi, I quit collecting lol :)

I just want to give a special thanks to those who gave my figures a new loving home.
They really needed it. Thanks so much!


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016 hours agoAndyTwobeatsAndyTwobeats
Kzuki (16 hours ago) #2282154Loveeeeeeee that CCS figure! Hopefully they'll make it into a PVC. I'd buy it in a heartbeat lol.
And that stalker girl from Zetsubou-sensei LOL.. she's so funny. The Attack on Titan statue.. holy shit it looks gigantic AND amazing.

I wanna see what that titan looks like when it's done XD
and I wanna know how much she costs, and how much shipping is ._______.
Probably gonna be like a record or something LOL =X
019 hours agoAndyTwobeatsAndyTwobeats
Kzuki (19 hours ago) #2281838Yeah but the beginning is kinda slow, pace picks up at a later time I guess.
023 hours agoAndyTwobeatsAndyTwobeats
Kzuki (1 day ago) #2281242Watched Sailor Moon yet or no?
First episode XD
Was good XD
01 day agoAndyTwobeatsAndyTwobeats
Kzuki (1 day ago) #2280347Placed the order at AmiAmi :) excitedddd!
ooo good good

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