L-B-SL-B-S The thing is so, you laugh at me, I laugh at you!


I'm a figure collector. DAMN.

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06 years agoFrozenIceFrozenIce
L-B-SBTW r u gonna buy any more Yoko figures soon? I mean there's quite may and if you wanna own many of them you gotta hurry cuz they get rarer and rare all the time

You have a lot of Yoko figures, I've only got Alter and the nendo. Atm not sure, I'm more of a diehard Saber fan. GIFT is the only other version I liked of Yoko. I guess it depends on what releases and all!
06 years agoFrozenIceFrozenIce
L-B-SYeah hehe... But I gotta buy some more figures.

haha, so which ones are you next on your to get list?
06 years agoFrozenIceFrozenIce
L-B-SAbout two years... And thanks. I also like Saber.

I evny you, you've stayed up to date and have so many great figures, so many I want to get as well ><
06 years agoanimasteranimaster
Hi there! Thanks for the FR!
Whoa ... you have a pretty nice of figurine collection there. ^^
06 years agoFrozenIceFrozenIce
L-B-Shi! so you're a Yoko fan? Great.

Hey, nice to meet you, I guess you could say that. Though my dead favs are Saber and Erza.
You have a nice collection, how long have you been collecting for?

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