LadyStarstormLadyStarstorm Trying to curb my addiction!!! u.u;;

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Just a lifetime otaku trying (and probably failing) at cataloging hundreds of figures @_@

(The hardest part about this is that so many things I have don't seem to be on this site at all! I have my work cut out for me, clearly! XD)

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03 months agoDannyStarkDannyStark
Hello i need to talk to you !! ^^
Nice to Meet You !!
05 months agoLadyStarstormLadyStarstorm
Hey everyone! Just wanted to post real quick about what's been going on the past month or so - especially since I've had stuff listed for sale and have received so many messages I hadn't been able to reply to!

Basically, I am currently 15 weeks pregnant! I'm thrilled about it, however on top of pregnancy systems, about 5 weeks ago I came down with a severely debilitating illness that's kept me basically bed-ridden for the past month. Doctors thought it may be pneumonia, but it wasn't, and it took me a solid month of back and forth to the doctors office to get a good doctor who could give me a proper diagnosis, and determined it to be whooping cough. x_x

Anyways, the long and short of this is that I haven't been on the computer like at all for the past month! So I'm sorry I hadn't been replying to any messages in that time.

I had my hubby send off all the pending packages that needed to go out shortly after I got sick - assumed all would be well for them though apologies if I never got you your tracking number - I know one package wound up severely delayed, it actually fell off my desk and between it and the wall so my husband didn't see that one to send, but it's gone out and been delivered by now!

But yeah, so that's what's been going on, so I'm sorry if I've been hard to reach! Luckily I think I'm finally coming out of this thing, and look forward to rejoining humanity as a functioning being. (I've been out of work all this time too! :/ It's been awful!)

As I'm sure you can imagine, with a baby on the way I am definitely still selling things!! I have a list made for the items I am selling specifically, but I'll entertain reasonable offers for just about anything in my collection too.

Thanks for reading!! :)
07 months agothe-criticismthe-criticism
Your inbox is full :O
010 months ago (9 months ago)TokyocopXTokyocopX
My comments for Tomoko Kuroki nendo, was not aimed towards you and if you want an apologize then (I'm extremely sorry) but I meant nothing by it. I was talking about other people, and another thing it has been frustrating for myself to track her down I've been looking for ages cause she reminds me of myself not because of what's she worth, thank you.
02 years ago (2 years ago)SuperfluousSuperfluous
Hello! Can you please reconfirm your slots here? (mfc link) Thank you!

i think I quoted you incorrectly before since I just noticed my auto correct was changing to Sandstorm, haha. Please remember to subscribe to the thread for updates. :)

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