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01 year agokotoriikotorii
Just added pictures of the box on the sales page
01 year agokotoriikotorii
Lawyers (1 year ago) #11634263checking in - your inbox is full. Any updates>? XD
I am so sorry. My inbox quickly reached 101%
Iam soooo sorry I havent had a chance to get the figure. I promise as soon as I get a chance to drive down to pick it up I will send you pictures asap. Ill give you free shipping for being so paitent if you decide to buy!! (If you are willing to wait another weekend D:) Again, I apologize, I was suppose to go down to get it yesterday.
01 year agojebusjebus
Lawyers (1 year ago) #6803225I've pm'd you a few times about a handful of figures you're selling. Any chance you can get back to me on it? :)

I'm really really sorry I haven't had a chance to get back to you in a more timely fashion. I got hit by 50+ people asking me about the sales I had posted. I'm getting through them as fast as I can at the moment. I'm almost to your messages too and I'll for sure get to them a little later today after I get home from work.
02 years agogrymdylangrymdylan weeaboo kingpin
Lawyers (2 years ago) #2946328Holy mother of god =/
I was interested in a few of the smaller/prize figures you have, but that means shipping would probably be way more than the figures themselves :(
Why is it that high?

I wrote about the shipping costs for 1 nendoroid with minimal padding earlier, but the blog got deleted (because apparently I was advertising sales?)... This is what the costs came to.
Furthermore, actually organising shipping is difficult, as the postal service offers no assistance in the process.
It's expensive, I suppose, because New Zealand is a small island in the middle of nowhere. It's so bad.
02 years agogrymdylangrymdylan weeaboo kingpin
Lawyers (2 years ago) #2945551Hey, what would shipping from you to chicago be?
Shipping can get as high as $100 depending on the size of the item. It's infuriating.

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