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I started collecting full size figures from around 2006. Since then I have moved on to action figures and more recently, nendos. I have caught the cute bug. *_*

Key milestones
30/12/08 First nendo (Hatsune Miku) ITEM #186
19/03/09 First male completed model EBCraft Archer figure/344
13/07/09 First Megahouse figure (Clare) figure/267
31/08/09 First of original three must-haves (Clayz Saber) figure/205
01/10/09 First Volks figure (Yagami Hayate) figure/5647_yag...
05/10/09 First Banpresto figure (Ichiban C.C.) figure/5117
21/11/09 Second of original three must-haves (Enterbrain Saber) ITEM #318
12/03/11 Third of original three must-haves (Max Factory Kureha). All three must-haves complete! ITEM #81

Notable wishlist

Lenneth's most sought after unreleased figures (updated 251009)
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1. Hatsune Miku ITEM #187 Finally a rerelease I won't miss (I already missed the last two. ha!)
2. Yuri ITEM #42033 Shes rather cute. GSC don't fail me!!
3. Rin Tohsaka movie ver. ITEM #26700

Missed wants:
Missed Wantsrehide
- GSC Hatsune Miku (ahhh, I missed the pr-orders again and I already have a couple of mikus plus another one on order). I'll still be watching her but shes not top of the list anymore. I THINK I HAVE TRUELY MISSED IT. cuts self
- Snow Miku . I think second preordrs just opened.. and closed. ~_~
Gawd how awful. The three below I added in 2009 to 'things I still need to preorder', as in they weren't out yet. And they're still figures I want today (I was hoping my interest in them would wane). I remember missing out on them becuse I was too slow in preordering them...
Nendo Nanoha figure/13806_ta...
Nendo Megurine Luka figure/6596_meg... (already out!)
Tainaka Ritsu figure/13743

Theres a few now. Too many to list...

Lenneth's must-haves:
Must Havesrehide
1. Max Factory Kureha
2. EBcraft Saber figure/318_sabe...
3. Clayz Saber
Must-haves down to 1. Let's hope this list doesn't grow! =) It's growing haha. We need to have a aim/motive. I'll set my new must-haves to my second most wanted wants. :D
4. Miura Azusa in wedding gown ITEM #1124
5. Alicia Florence ITEM #141
6. Sawatari Makoto ITEM #11
7. Melissa Seraphy ITEM #435
8. Alice ITEM #188
9. Nijihara Ink ITEM #3011
10. Lucy/Nyuu ITEM #114

Lenneth's most wanted figures that are not being made (updated 070609)
Most Wantedrehide
1. More Elfen Lied figures especially of Lucy and Nyu
2. Lenneth! // Hrist! // Silmeria! // Alicia! // Platina!
3. Selvaria Bles // Alicia Melchiott
4. A nicely made Minmay in china dress
5. Sailormoon especially Mars

Figure goals:
Figure goalsrehide
Own at least one AlphaxOmega
Own at least one AlphaMax
Own at least one Movic

Figures I still need to preorder:
test1 test 2test3 test4
Magazine Yui ITEM #63244
Unlimited Blade Works Rin Tohsaka ITEM #26700

Namie at her best
MOE Point(s)
Big eyes (optics, not the other sort), twintails, daggy sleeves, ribbons


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