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02 months agochipmunkchenchipmunkchen
Leonia (3 months ago) #3412786Hey ! Sorry for the late message. I was really busy these last months. I bought a new home and moved in march and I welcomed a baby in June <3 I hope all is alright for you ! Thanks for your message !

oh these are some great news! i wish you the best of luck!.. yes all is fine with me, thanks :)
03 months agochipmunkchenchipmunkchen
Happy Birthdaay! Sorry that i'm a bit late, but couldn't write earlier, because i was not at home last week! :)
06 months agochipmunkchenchipmunkchen
I emptied my friendship list today, you are still there.. =D
06 months ago (6 months ago)Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Hi,I've added some louise goodies. Care to update the club? club #191

I dont mind helping out either if you need any
07 months agoReycoenmaReycoenma
You have a very lovely collection. ^_^

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