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Just a another commom Brazilian guy searching for his place... Love Games, Animes, Nature, Photography, Gardening and Party! oh off course another Broke guy with collecting Hobby ^^, engineer for work, collector enthusiastic!

For collecting I focus only in characters I like, if the character belongs to a series I really love than I usually grab a few thing of the others characters so everyone can be represented, but my focus is the just the character.


I watch anime since a child (it all started in 1994 with Saint Seiya, You can see I’m kind ecletic so you can talk to me almost about any genre, love BL, all kind of Shonen, Otome (Fudanshi Detected here!), Novels, Mahou Shoujo, if you find Any series with a good Ship or bishonen or a great shonen at all Go Invite me! … The only thing I really dislike is any series that goes in Space with giant robots fights ¬¬”

by the way if you click, it's not in order of preference ^^v

Favorite Serieshide- Angel Sanctuary
- Ano Hana
- Amnesia
- Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
- Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai
- Daiya no A
- Fate Series
- Free! Iwatobi Swin Club
- Fruits Basket
- Fushigy Yuugi
- Hetalia Series
- Kare-Kano
- Kuroko no Basket
- Naruto Series
- Neon Genesis Evangelion
- Psycho Pass
- Puella Magi Madoka Magica
- Rayearth
- Sailor Moon
- Saint Seiya
- Yuyu Hakusho

You may have realized I’m a Kagami and Kaworu Fan right? XD Profile mainly and always will be dedicated to them!




I don’t bite so please send me a message about anything, I really like meeting new people, promise to answer everyone… and NO MORE random friendships , if you want to be friends, really try getting in touch, send me messages and talk to me! But just go adding without even say hi … bye bye I will no longer accept.

PS: Off course none of this art belongs to me just got them all around the Internet, if you own some of them, please send me a PM and I can remove or off course give you credits for it ^^

Daiya Special Corner


My Greatest undeniable and irrevocably Obsession at the moment is Daiya no Ace and anything related to Chris X Sawamura stuff, god I crave for more merch and figures! *_*

If you're also a Fan, please join my MFC club! Just click on the image below!


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01 month agolukkasilverlukkasilver
Hi Leo, happy birthday! Late as always hehe
02 months agoYorunoYoruno
Happy B-Day! <3
02 months agoAtheist1Atheist1
02 months agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Hey, happy birthday! You're another year better :)b
02 months agoDanteMagicaDanteMagica
Happy happy Birthday!!!

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