LienLien In Yuri!!! On Ice hell


Hi! I'm Lieneke, I'm an 22 year old artist from the Netherlands.
I love figures with good bases and a beautiful sculpt.
Yuri!!! on Ice took over my life please send help.

I also like to draw: [ext link ]

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01 month agoLienLien
Aglet (1 month ago) #18290677Your collection is quite small but I love it so much! <3

awww thank you so much! ^^
11 month agoAgletAglet
Your collection is quite small but I love it so much! <3
03 months agoskratschskratsch
Bedankt voor het accepteren. Awesome profile picture btw is cute af. :P
03 months agoJosineJosine
Lien (3 months ago) #16505174Gefeliciteerd! ^^
Thanks! :3

Was eigenlijk 3 dec jarig maar op MFC gaat momenteel iets mis met de notificaties vgm
03 months agochibikarlachibikarla
Hey! I sent a friend request! It's cutieqt from twitter.

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