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17 months agodiamonddogsdiamonddogs
Was checking out the Quiet comments and I agree with most of your criticisms about her design, I can't believe there are people who approve of it. As a long time MGS fan it's sad that this has to go on the list of "disappointing things Kojima has done".
02 years agoFairestEveFairestEve
LightningFarron (2 years ago) #1748734FFM is being a bitch and won't let me PM you, so I'll just leave this here:
[ext link ]

I'm getting her one day. She looks perfect.
03 years agoFairestEveFairestEve
Hey :3
04 years agowanderingkindwanderingkind
All your Lightning are belong to us.
04 years agoTouyaTouya
Yo! ^^

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