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Hello all!

I'm just your run of the mill otaku. I've been an otaku since early high school. XD

I've been collecting for a while now and my collection is continuing to grow with no end in sight. ;3;

I like talking about figures, new anime shows that are airing, along with classic anime shows. Like neon genesis evangelion, still haven't watched the movies, but I'm getting to it. Lol
I'm always up for making new friends that I can talk to. :)

I just recently started getting into making custom Nendos and I must say that I'm really enjoying making them and helping people out who are also trying to make custom Nendos. :3

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04 months agoMikaGxMikaGx
LilAtomicX10 (4 months ago) #19204010Happy Birthday!?!?!?!?!
THANK YOU!! I'm sorry! I'm late to answer you!! >__<o
06 months agoOse_93Ose_93
LilAtomicX10 (6 months ago) #17778147I can't wait to get home and assemble him. lol
Oh snap! That's awesome. Early bday. haha xD and that is a good reason to splurge. Gotta take advantage of those savings when you can. X3
And I got a couple of nendos coming my way. I'm holding back on pre-ordering a lot because AX is closing in again. lol

I put him together yesterday and thankfully didn't have any issues with the nails like some people were mentioning. Just have to be real gentle about it and there's no problem. ^^

Oh have fun at AX! Too bad I can't come this year, I have to remember to tell Andy to get everything ready since he's never booked the hotel before...

I'm not putting in too many pre-orders right now either. It kinda sucks, but hey. Gotta save.
06 months agoOse_93Ose_93
LilAtomicX10 (6 months ago) #17775356Thanks Jenny! xD
And I got my naught Aoba I bought myself as a present. hahahaha but I'm waiting for AmiAmi to send me an invoice so I can get the rest of my bday presents. hahaha xD

I got my naught Aoba in too!

The presents that I got myself for my birthday came in a little earlier this month. Had to splurge a bit on the HLJ Christmas sale and that gave me a good reason to.

Hope you got some nice things~
06 months agoSkyBlueSkyBlue
Happy Birthday, dear! Hope you have a wonderful birthday with your loved ones and Aoba X'D
06 months agosecretly-otakusecretly-otaku
Hey there, pal! Happy birthday! I hope you spend a nice time and get yourself some good nendoroids, you deserve them! Cheers!

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