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My name is LilSeebs, and I live in Wisconsin, USA. Not really sure what goes here, but whatever :]

Sports-wise, I am in Tennis, Weightlifting, and Softball, and I hope to get into college on a Softball scholarship.

Anime kind of always been in my life, because of saturday morning cartoons (Pokemon, Hamtaro, Shaman King, Cardcaptors, and Sailor Moon.) But when I was finishing my 5th grade, by brother started getting into anime, and I walked downstairs to find him watching Tsubasa, and I thought it was a sequel to Cardcaptors. From there, he gave me Pretear and Mahoraba: Hearful days to watch so I wouldn't disturb his prime time anime.

yeah, lazy typing. I'll update this again soon.

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04 years agoLovelyAthena112LovelyAthena112
You have the same camera I have =O
Crappy camera =_= I use meh iPhone and it works better lol.
04 years agoLovelyAthena112LovelyAthena112
You have a nice Nendoroid Petit collection ^^
04 years agocioudrunnerfiutecioudrunnerfiute Found Holy Grail & Quit
Thanks for the favorite on my picture!
04 years agomutatedFROGGYmutatedFROGGY
thanks so much for the fave.
it really means a lot to me. :D
05 years agoPairadicePairadice
Thanks for favouriting my picture :)

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