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Hey guys! I started figure collecting in October 2016. It's quickly become a passion of mine. I'm obsessed with Hatsune Miku, Eli Ayase, and just anime in general. Feel free to message me if you ever want to share your passion with anime, manga, cosplay, figure collecting, or even music! Hope we can be friends <3

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08 days agodimxxzdimxxz ♥初音ミク
Thank you very much! :)
Lillia (8 days ago) #19118887Happy birthday :)
019 days agodimxxzdimxxz ♥初音ミク
Mainly in displays...but currently I ran out of space and since I'm looking for a bigger apartment, I'm keeping some of my figs in boxes ;)
Lillia (20 days ago) #18802809Thanks for welcoming me! :) Your figure collection is impressive 0: Where do you put them all?
020 days agodimxxzdimxxz ♥初音ミク
Welcome to MFC Lillia! I hope you will enjoy your time here! :)
020 days agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board Lillia! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^


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