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Hey guys! I started figure collecting in October 2016 and it's quickly become a passion of mine. I'm obsessed with Love Live! ELi Ayase is best girl. <3 Feel free to message me if you ever want to share your passion with anime, manga, cosplay, figure collecting, or even music! Hope we can be friends <3

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01 day agoVidollVidoll
Lillia (1 day ago) #20262540I wish I was into collecting when they were coming out. There were a lot I missed and I didnt even watch LL till last year :'c But yeah I'm a completion person too! Maybe that's why I like to collect sets and have all of the girls! Because then it looks more complete xD
I would love to join you guys and doing that! Just let me know when you do your orders, and I could look for some things I might be intersted in :)
Also the pics are very helpful! I realy like the bag, the size looks perfect!

That's fair, I actually felt that way too. I thankfully (not as early as I wish now) prematurely started collecting Nico stuff before I watched LL! because I liked her character design... I'm just thankful that she did end up being my favorite afterwards too because I'd hate even more to have merch for someone I didn't enjoy as much as another girl rofl... Don't get me wrong, I love all the girls (from muse anyways) so it wouldn't be too bad! I just can't allow myself to collect more than one for my wallets sake x3 I totally understand getting full sets though!

I just did one last week, but I'm planning on doing another later this month or early next month, so I'll let you know for sure! Glad the pictures helped :D It's become my daily bag, and it's perfect for all my stuff.
01 day agoVidollVidoll
Lillia (1 day ago) #20258753That's awesome!! My boyfriend just makes fun of me constantly for liking Love Live and spending too much money on the merch T^T Haters gonna hate xD
I always search for the Deka keychains, the eli ones are sooo hard to find. Even if I find the other girls I immediately buy them cause I love the art style of those keychains. I also love how big they are xD That would fill up an ita bag quickly, but yeah you totally want variety! :3
And thanks for those links, I love both the bags you sent me 0: Are those bags bulky? I usually don't like carrying around heavy, giant bags but it would be great if they were thin, and great to use for cons and show off my love for Eli xD

Aww haha, yeah my bf isn't too fond of LL! either x3 He doesn't like idols so I get made fun of for that too. Yes the deka ones are so cute! I got most of my Nico ones (and the charm versions) off of Amiami when they were coming out... which I'm thankful for because I'm a bit of a completion and I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have them all x3 You may look into OtaMart and Surugaya to see if the Eli ones pop up there! You'd have to use a proxy, but Surugaya is especially great about having a bunch of hidden gems in terms of merch. I do an order or two every month, for my bf and another friend, which you are welcome to join (it cuts down on the cost of shipping and proxy fees).

As for the bags, I don't have the tote bag on me atm (I'm at work) but I'd say they're both pretty thin! The tote moreso than the messenger bag. The messenger bag is about 7.5 inches width wise if that makes sense.. Hopefully these pictures help you get a better idea!

[ext link ]
01 day agoVidollVidoll
I thought I'd crawl over here so I don't fill up your blog post too much rofl

Lillia (1 day ago) #20257806you and me both!! I have so many boxes just piled up ;-; and I check the love live tag every single day too! Woo, I thought I was the only one who obsessively checked that site xD
I've already seen a lot of Nico keychains on Mandarake. so that'll be fun to collect. I still need to find a bag that'll go with my Eli keychains.

I have soooo many boxes my bf gets mad x3 He can't make fun of me too much though he just got a GIANT box from a Y!JA lot he bought for... many monies ha. He also obsessively checks Manda, so at least he can't make fun of me for that!

I have a lot of her Deka keychains, but they're so big I don't think I can fit them all on the one bag x3 I probably could, but I want a variety~ ya know!

Also, these are the two bags I got for mine! They're really sturdy, thick canvas, and cute! I love the frills! I ordered them through FromJapan and I think their fees for shopping site proxies aren't bad! If it's something that interests you, you can search ZakkaMart on there and they'll come right up since they have a Rakuten shop too! I think that lighter blue may be really nice for Eli, but either way I hope you find something that makes you happy :)

[ext link ] & [ext link ]
01 month agodimxxzdimxxz ♥初音ミク
Thank you very much! :)
Lillia (1 month ago) #19118887Happy birthday :)
01 month agodimxxzdimxxz ♥初音ミク
Mainly in displays...but currently I ran out of space and since I'm looking for a bigger apartment, I'm keeping some of my figs in boxes ;)
Lillia (1 month ago) #18802809Thanks for welcoming me! :) Your figure collection is impressive 0: Where do you put them all?

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