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07 months agoGwennanGwennan
Цуки, как обычно, торопится :)))LivingDaylight (7 months ago) #16925366еще рано))) завтра)
07 months agoGwennanGwennan
С Днем рождения!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
08 months agotsubaki24tsubaki24
LivingDaylight (8 months ago) #16012722and they are up for preorder once again

I felt bummed out because I didn't think GSC would sell out so fast. Then I saw all the rerelease on NY (which felt sketchy to me). But thanks to your diligence, I manage to PO them through GSC because of you. Thank you!
010 months agoGwennanGwennan
LivingDaylight (10 months ago) #14832505С Днем Рождения)Спасииибо)))
011 months agoray_tracerray_tracer
LivingDaylight (11 months ago) #14195275Поздравляю)
Спасибки! ^_^

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