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Hello and welcome to my page!

If you have any urgent matters that require my immediate attention, you can contact me at my line account, tipsygnostalgic, otherwise a pm here will suffice, I check back here compulsively every day unless I am out of town. Cheers!

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*I don't accept friend requests from people I've never spoken to before*

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03 days agoerodingsunerodingsun
LovelyIdiot (5 days ago) #26121150Hi! I just wanna let you know that I sent Ruby (item #588293) out yesterday!

Thank you! c:
01 month agopurinbunpurinbun
LovelyIdiot (1 month ago) #24911357Hi! Your inbox is full and I'm trying to send you your invoice for your Pokemon straps!Cleared it, sorry! ; A ;
01 month agoFoolyDoolyFoolyDooly
LovelyIdiot (1 month ago) #24398667Hey! Thanks for letting me know. I've gotten eCheques before so that's not a problem. I can just explain and ask for an extension from that person. I think that Paypal will only send eCheques if they've only got your bank account linked. They'll let you send instant payments if you have a verified credit or debit card linked as well.I had this account for about 10 years now, and I remember sending it to you before not as e-check, so I don't understand why they go back and forth lately. It's trying to echeck everything past few payments. Sigh.
01 month agoKiz-xoKiz-xo
LovelyIdiot (1 month ago) #24400599I think most people just leave it as Australia for their location, like it's a big country man, could be a lil more specific XD I know a few Perth people who do that. Only found out they were in Perth when I was selling stuff to them lol.
Yeah thats true xD
Mine was recently set to just Australia xD
Too much info can be dangerous afterall
01 month agoKiz-xoKiz-xo
LovelyIdiot (1 month ago) #24398751Hello hello! Thank you for the friend request, and yes it's always nice to see another collector in Perth! We're rare but I think we're steadily growing in numbers xD
Yeah xD slow but steady.
I rarely find Australians let alone Perth, but soon i hope more Perth people join xD

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