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Hello and welcome to my page!

If you have any urgent matters that require my immediate attention, you can contact me at my line account, tipsygnostalgic, otherwise a pm here will suffice, I check back here compulsively every day unless I am out of town camping, etc. Cheers!

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02 days ago (2 days ago)SailorVekiSailorVeki
LovelyIdiot (3 days ago) #23563002Ah okay. Some proxies are really complicated that fees add up really quickly but I think if you make sure you ask the proxy to choose the cheapest domestic shipping, you should be fine. Most people who make mistakes with auctions always forget or don't know to choose the correct shipping. Plus choose a transparent proxy.
I did order the third box but like the second its on back order so we're waiting for AmiAmi to confirm stock.

What proxies do you use for Yahoo Auctions Japan? Do you bid or do the proxies bid?

Ah, you ordered the 3rd box, great. You didn't say it in the split thread, so I thought that you maybe forgot. :P
I ordered vol.1 today. I hope I can get it and that we can get vol.3 and 4. *fingers crossed*
03 days agoSailorVekiSailorVeki
LovelyIdiot (4 days ago) #23524885Lol woops, hope I replied to this one properly xD Thank you! I've never had a bad participant in my own split before, though I've joined splits with bad participants, felt real bad for the host.
Sometimes they're priced okay on Yahoo! Auctions Japan. I found some good deals for rare straps there, much better than Suruga-ya as well as better selection. You could also try Otamart or Mercari.

I've never tried to use Yahoo Auctions Japan, I'm kinda scared that I'll do something wrong. ^^; I've been in a GO for Otamart & Mercari, when there's another one, I'll look for FF straps. Didn't know about them before, so couldn't ask for them in a previous GO. ^^;

Btw, can you order a 3rd box of FF vol.3?
04 days agoLovelyIdiotLovelyIdiot
HeroicRain (4 days ago) #23526817I received them yesterday, thank you for hosting :)

Heya! No worries, awesome to hear you got your straps! If you have time and feel up to it, you can leave feedback here: (mfc link)

Thanks again for joining!
04 days agoHeroicRainHeroicRain
LovelyIdiot (21 days ago) #22841221Hi I sent out Cain and Moogle straps out yesterday! Here is the photo of the receipt, yours is the first in the list: [ext link ]
I received them yesterday, thank you for hosting :)
05 days ago (5 days ago)SailorVekiSailorVeki
View spoilerHide spoilerLovelyIdiot (6 days ago) #23463497Yes, that's what I assumed. I'm mostly worried about the people in the last box of vol. 3 and vol. 4, the others in earlier boxes I've had join my splits or a MFC friend's split before. I won't be ordering more boxes, like you said, vol. 4's preorder closed and well I can't order anymore of vol.3 on AmiAmi because three boxes is the maximum.
Have you tried this store for individual straps before? [ext link ] They're pricey but if you get desperate for only one strap, enough you can order them here. I say pricey cos shipping from the UK to me is really expensive for one strap but since you're in Europe it'd probably be cheaper for you. I was gonna order one box of vol.1 for myself too but I ended up ordering vol. 8 for Noctis and Rydia xD.

Haha, you replied on your own profile. :D Good I checked your profile because there wasn't a reply on mine. :D
Anyway, I can understand that you're worried about the new people you don't know, especially those that just joined the club. I hope everything goes well with your FF splits and you won't have any problems.

I haven't heard of Tictail before, thanks for the info and link. <3 Yes, they are pricey, but so is Surugaya and Ebay. :'D If I get desperate for 1 strap, I might try Tictail. I only want Noctis from vol.8, so I won't order that one.

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