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Hello and welcome to my page!

If you have any urgent matters that require my immediate attention, you can contact me at my line account, tipsygnostalgic, otherwise a pm here will suffice, I check back here compulsively every day unless I am out of town camping, etc. Cheers!

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*I don't accept friend requests from people I've never spoken to before*

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022 days agoAnAbleAngelAnAbleAngel
NEW GIF! I see end of sem period is getting to ya :s
022 days agopurinbunpurinbun
LovelyIdiot (22 days ago) #21616793Hey! I tried to send a pm to you for the split (mfc link) but your inbox is full.Hello~ Cleared it up now, sorry! ^///^'
02 months agoflashdancereneflashdancerene
absolutely no problem uvu. thank you! its nice to compliment other's collections. ive only really have collected anime merchandise for almost three years, and im a student so i can't afford really extravagant figures. however, i don't mind prize figures! they're always nice looking and small enough to fit on my shelves.

also - nice favorite scale figure ;>
02 months agoflashdancereneflashdancerene
just popped in to say how amazing your loots/collection in general is! fellow kagepro/pokemon/fire emblem/babymetal/fall out boy fan uvu. have a great day!
05 months agoAnAbleAngelAnAbleAngel
Nice new profile gif hahaha! Stay tooty frooty!

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