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124 days agoorochimaruxsaberorochimaruxsaber
Luka-nyan (26 days ago) #25057206IKR T.T <3 I have some Griffon figures, I trust them... hmm but it depends on the price >.< Not sure how much she will be when she's out for PO, but this figure is so so promising <3 I may have to take the risk :P I also like her better than the Cyan with the weird eyes lmao and her outfit is much better, picture #1631309 picture #1814957 and she still has her guitar :3 AND her eyes are heterochromatic which is cool o: AND she has fangs <3 ;;
Also, the base is gonna be so good picture #1814956 This cyan is still really cute but the base is nothing special picture #1712662
The proto pics look really nice! and she's already painted! lmao she did come out of nowhere xD Smart on Griffon's part though if they open preorders soon, for that Halloween hype lol, even though she most likely won't release until next year, people might be like excited for Halloween and impulse PO like me :']
the heterochromia is so cool!! and it reminds me of Rikka!! literally she would be perfect in ur collection if she actually turns out nice.. i hope it does ;( maybe they would do retoree or moa bc i would want those characters!! i doubt that will happen but i can dream.. but yeah it looks like griffon isn't giving up on making figures!! maybe we'll live to see them become GOOD at it lmao.. maybe.. i am pretty interested in their super figure line (the gigantic figures) and as much as i want gigantic figures, the only one i think is cute so far is Kirino and i cannot justify spending money on Kirino,.. literally any character but Kirino,... please Griffon.. they might make a Sonico one item #178228 which, if it looks as nice as Kirino's, i might wanna get it
124 days agoorochimaruxsaberorochimaruxsaber
Luka-nyan (26 days ago) #25057094Hehe o: I dunno why I thought it right away, prob mostly cuz the hair and her expression a lil, especially from the angle in this pic picture #1713103 Ahh it is really cute but her outfit is so boring ;; She had potential to be a lot cuter with a different outfit like a cute, short, frilly Halloween dress!!agreed, she would be so cute with a frilly witch dress or something!! but also griffon actually did a pretty good job with her body sculpt... madoka's been hiding a lil bit of junk in the trunk and a pair of double d's!! but yea, i think the figure looks a little bit bland ;( their cyan seems more promising
124 days ago (24 days ago)orochimaruxsaberorochimaruxsaber
Luka-nyan (26 days ago) #25055604I think she may look better than their Shiro, proportion wise o: even though their Shiro is really cute, her head size looks kinda too large. Though this one's proportions may be a little similar but, not as obvious. However, I wish her hair strands were finer, or had a bit more detail overall.
I also feel like they could have gone with a cleaner look as a whole. The weapon is kinda bulky and distracting when she's not really using it and it just seems kind of unnecessary. The thick wires mingling with her not very detailed hair and wrapping awkwardly around her leg, possibly about to trip her? o: I dunno how I feel about that >.<
I like when the weapon is part of her arm like this though picture #1806441. Here, it looks better when there is less going on with her outfit, lol a lot less, and you can see she's bionic. Lol I'm a tough critic x'D I think GSC's and Koto's will be much more detailed and more balanced as a whole. I'm for sure going to get GSC's and Koto's to pair with my Shiros :3 It'll be a perfect match
yaeh actually i completely see what you mean! I like the hair color on this Shuvi but i really hate some things about her, like idk why, her face bothers me a lot. i think her eyes are too big :/ and i don't love her pose.... i think it's pretty cute but definitely has some design flaws... also idk if you showed me this already but wtf is this?? picture #1804024 lmao like why did they have to give this character a pose that allows this to show?!? it scares me LOL. i think that's what bothers me about this figure more than anything... like yes ok i know she is bionic and there should be nothing going on down there... but it still *shocks* me to see this character naked down there lmao and i'm not a prude at all, i just think it's not very aesthetically pleasing
124 days agoorochimaruxsaberorochimaruxsaber
Luka-nyan (26 days ago) #25049798Not as nice as Native's ofc but the set is like 970 yen on Ami ^^ item #604809
There are also some pics on mfc
yeah!! I was thinking of getting one of these too! idk >.< the nendoroid size is hilarious
127 days agoorochimaruxsaberorochimaruxsaber
phat's shuvi is painted!! picture #1815608 she looks pretty good but i wonder if that will be able to compete with GSC's and Kotobukiya's.....

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