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012 days agoorochimaruxsaberorochimaruxsaber
Luka-nyan (12 days ago) #19072491picture #1714966 She looks pretty good o; ahhh if only they made this Sonico a PVC ;__; item #285907aww, ikr, that cat one is like one of the cutest figures of her ;-;

the santa sculpt looks good :O
029 days agoorochimaruxsaberorochimaruxsaber
idk if you still have Mami, but I can buy her now since my preorders got delayed AGAIN!!!
01 month agoorochimaruxsaberorochimaruxsaber
Luka-nyan (1 month ago) #18519499OMG yes <3 ;w; also where did u end up pre-ordering Godoka??i ordered her from nippon yasan... i know TOM would have been way cheaper because of free shipping but with like 3 preorders I'm gonna have to pay in a couple days, i don't think i'll have the money to pay up front right now LOL... i maybe could have waited until my next paycheck but ehhh i'd rather just order her at a site that offers pay later lmao
11 month agoCyberwaifuCyberwaifu
Luka-nyan (2 months ago) #17366892If you wanna add these to your owned I linked them for you :3
item #237937
item #469683
item #11076
item #167474

Omg thank you so much I can't believe I just saw this haha

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