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08 months agojessicrottejessicrotte
Thank you! ^.^Lulles (8 months ago) #17515654Happy birthday!!
01 year agoAnimeGirl1350AnimeGirl1350
Lulles (1 year ago) #14270050Thanks for the FR! :>

Your welcome :)
01 year agoNanoZeroNanoZero
I've been following you on Tumblr since I'm a fan of your art and I had no idea you were here too! You've got an awesome collection!
11 year ago (1 year ago)DFC7DFC7
Just wanted to drop you a line and say you were right about your critique of the Sonico Patissier figure. I got her today and she is absolutely cute. The paint color of her hair is probably one of the best I have in my collection so far and face sculpt is really nice as well. Oh and can't forget to mention that hat, it's awesome.
01 year agoDFC7DFC7
Lulles (1 year ago) #10007673Hey there! Honestly, she's my favorite Sonico in my collection. I would say she's around Good Smile Company-quality. Definitely better than Kotokukiya. Her face/expression are adorable and the hair is sculpted quite nicely. The headphones are pretty much perfect and the cupcakes and chocolate bar base are well made too. I really like the glossy paint they used on her stockings and shoes, and her outfit in general is cute. My only complaint is that, since she's a cast-off, when she has her top on her boobs look much bigger than they actually are underneath. Also, you can't take off her hat. I personally love it but some people don't.
So yeah, I definitely recommend her! :>

Thanks much for your feedback on her. It will definitely help in my decision whether or not she'll be a part of my collection. I may end up ordering her tonight. I think the Pochaco of the same theme would be a nice set together. Personally the hat is what caught my attention. Again I appreciate your reply thanks!
01 year agoDFC7DFC7
Hi there, I saw that you own the Super Sonico Patissier figure and was wondering what your thoughts are in terms of quality, finish, and overall enjoyment of the figure. I'm contemplating on adding her to my collection and would like to hear some critique of it by someone who owns it.
01 year agoEgnisEgnis
Lulles (1 year ago) #9970433Yes I did draw him! I'm a huge LoZ fan too :) Here's a link to my blog if you're interested [ext link ]

Sweet! I shall check it out! I feel like I saw this on Tumblr some where.
01 year agoEgnisEgnis
I love you icon! Did you draw him? I'm a LoZ fan myself! XD
11 year agojessicrottejessicrotte
Thanks for the FR!
12 years agoDeadlyAnimeDeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
12 years agoFullmangaFullmanga
Happy Birthday !
12 years agoLullesLulles
animatt (3 years ago) #1878787Dear fellow December 11th baby, Happy Birthday!TaigaSuzumiya (2 years ago) #2506030 Happy Birthday~!!!

Enjoy this day~!

Thanks, guys!!
12 years agoTaigaSuzumiyaTaigaSuzumiya
Happy Birthday~!!!

Enjoy this day~!
03 years agoanimattanimatt
Dear fellow December 11th baby, Happy Birthday!
05 years agoInouInou
Como vai Lulles? E a coleção? Esse Luke fon Fabre é de primeira, hein!?

Estou cuidando bem da Chun-Li. Mas a coitada só vive na caixa. Ainda não consegui montar o que eu pretendo para expor as figuras. Minha cidade é a terra da poeira então nem rola deixá-las desprotegidas.

Bah, vacilei recentemente. Tava procurando essa Chun-Li que você tem (da Max Factory) e até consegui achar. Só que enrolei por alguns minutos antes de comprar e dancei. Uma pena.
05 years agoclobscuraclobscura
LullesYou sure there's no link? Here's a screenshot of the site in Japanese [ext link ]
Yes, I use a Wacom tablet.

I've looked very closely, I still can't find the link in neither Japanese nor English. I'm sorry, I really want to see your pictures.
But I do love what little I saw. ;)
You must have been drawing always.
05 years agoclobscuraclobscura
LullesWait, Makar? I don't have any drawings of Makar. Hate to burst your bubble, but I think you were looking at my bookmarks, not my own works xD Here: [ext link ]
Go to my profile [ext link ] and click on where I marked on the screenshot. There should be various tags on the left. Just look for the Shinjiro one.
I generally draw directly on the computer, but sometimes I draw the lineart with pencils and scan them in, then color them in photoshop.

Argh, I see! I'm sorry. I'm not good with noticing stuff like that. Thanks for pointing it out! xD I have a disorder that influences my view of certain details so I don't notice them immediately.
But well... I still like your artwork as much.
But for some reason, there's no "click to view more pictures" link when I log in, like on the page you showed... I'll try to look again.
So you use a tablet when drawing on the computer? Either way, it's really great.
05 years agoclobscuraclobscura
LullesHere's my profile [ext link ] And here's my Shinjiro folder [ext link ]

The Shinjiro-folder link didn't work, but I checked the pictures listed on your profile.
You're amazing... I thought I was a good drawer! I think you must be the best fanart drawer I've ever seen, I'm completely breathtaken.
I love Legend of Zelda too, I'm madly fond of your Midna, Fi and Makar drawings! ^.^
How do you make the pictures? Do you draw them by hand and scan them to color them on the computer or what?
The reason I'm asking is, that I'd really love to use a good computer drawing program, but I can't find any... what would you recommend?
05 years agoclobscuraclobscura
LullesI don't think so. I barely speak japanese so I don't communicate much with people there. I just go to post my stuff and check other people's.

I don't speak much Japanese either! xD
Okay, I signed up. How do I see your pictures?
05 years agoclobscuraclobscura
LullesIf you don't have an account there, you can't see the drawings. There are too many, I can't possibly send you each one of them :/ I suggest you google how to create an account there and check the link I sent you. There are too many Shinjiro (or Persona in general) goodness there, it's worth it.

Okay! I'll look at it! :)
But is it a place where I have to be online constantly?

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